UFC lightweight Reza Madadi saves drowning toddler in Sweden

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8/14/12 2:28:45PM
Kimura.se has the UFC press release:

[Madadi] had been kayaking in the Stockholm Archipelago and was about to buy lunch at a restaurant in Hornsberg, when he witnessed a child of one and a half years old falling from a nearby pier into the sea. The child’s father quickly dove in to help save his son.

Madadi, a former aspiring fireman, immediately jumped into the water and saved both father and child from the turmoil of waves and rapid currents.

A bystander who was very impressed with the performance of the athlete could conclude "If Reza hadn’t been there that boy would have drowned. One person wanted to take pictures of Reza with the father and the son, but Reza humbly declined, with respect to the family’s emotional status."

8/14/12 2:29:14PM
Now how's that for a story
8/14/12 2:50:44PM
That was beautifully scripted.
8/14/12 3:07:07PM
New nickname for him,

Reza "BayyyyyyyWatch" Madadi
8/14/12 3:31:54PM
That story makes me so, so happy to read. I am officially a fan of Madadi's for life.
8/14/12 3:37:20PM
I said this guy was gonna make some waves in the UFC... there's a pun to be a made out of that but I can't think of one...
8/14/12 3:39:16PM
What a stud
8/14/12 4:00:32PM
I'll cheer for him.
8/14/12 4:28:46PM
Friggen right Reza! Seems like dude had no thoughts about his safety and saved the kids life! Wish I could prop him.
8/14/12 4:40:47PM
Way to go Mr Madadi!

I'm an ex surf lifeguard and I know saving a child is hard enough, let alone a child and an adult! This article could have easily read "UFC lightweight Reza Madadi drowns attempting to save father and child in Sweden". The amount of drownings that are caused by people going to 'help' is phenomenal - unless you are a VERY good swimmer, you can't do anything, and they will pull you under with them due to panic.
8/14/12 5:41:05PM
Goran Reljic 2.0
8/14/12 7:03:43PM
Well that settles it.. He's a Swedish super hero
8/14/12 8:12:11PM
He's the new Goran Reljic of MMA lifeguard heroes.
8/14/12 8:19:14PM
I always like hearing these types of stories.