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5/25/07 4:39:37PM
my fears have come true, as the LWGP has been cancelled. no official word yet, but many sites are rumoring it.

with that being said, r.i.p pride.

Secondary site
5/25/07 4:49:52PM
damn, that sucks. i was looking forward to it.
5/25/07 4:53:18PM
This is BS, truly ridiculous.

I really hope it only has to do with all the lawsuits currently against DSE.
5/25/07 5:02:40PM
5/25/07 5:17:46PM
5/25/07 5:34:15PM
I hope U R right about it being over the lawsuits and not the UFC just making bad decisions.
5/25/07 5:35:20PM
Even if Pride is out of commission for a whole year it doesn't mean they're dead. People are too impatient.
5/25/07 8:18:00PM
this suck huge nuts... ireally wanted ta see this.... could of beeen anotha good dvd tga end up buying too
5/26/07 1:40:33AM
I forget which site I read it on, but I'm pretty sure that they said that with the recent acquisition and all of the resulting confusion, they didn't have enough time to put on a show befitting their expectations for their first event under the new label. It's disappointing for sure, but I would rather wait a little longer for a spectacular show than have a poorly put together one right away.
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