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4/6/08 2:18:49AM
i think in order for everything to fall in place for the lightweight division it should be nate diaz vs. Tyson Griffin and of course florian vs. huerta that would make things really clear

what you think

4/6/08 2:35:51AM
Yeah you pose some interesting Points, If Tyson and Nate Fight then we get to see if Nate is in the Upper echelon of the UFC Lightweight Division and if Tyson Wins then he gets 1 step closer to a Title shot. With Roger Huerta and Kenny Florian we get to see one competitor take his Last Step towards the Title.

I also have some more things to say about the Lightweight Division, Josh Neer has always been at the Top but never really got to the peak because of some set backs but he really could make a Run to the Title.

A real interesting Fight that would shake up the Lightweight Ranks would be Marcus Aurelio vs Thiago Tavarez. 2 Brazilian Jui Jitsu wizzards battling it out would be Awesome.

If Matt Serra were to move down to the Light Weight Division then he could definatly shake things up, he poses a threat to anyone with his heavy hands, he has dropped a lot of people with his Powerful Punches like such notables as Karo Parisyan and Georges St-Pierre.

Another Interesting match up would be if Rich Clamenti got past Sam Stout and If Gleison Tibau beat Joe Stevenson. They both are close to the Top and it would be Interesting to see them battle it out.
4/6/08 2:41:19AM
Nate Diaz should have to fight Edgar or Maynard in my opinion. There is a reason he is being brought up slowly. The Carpenter would demolish him but would be another that comes to mind.
Griffin is just a little higher level I think.

I wanna se Griffin Edgar Huerta and Guida in a four way fight to the death! Not that I hate em, but I'd totally pay 50 bucks for that fight.
4/6/08 12:51:57PM
I wonder what's going to happen to the loser of Penn/Sherk?
4/6/08 1:10:16PM

Posted by cheesy-maggot

I wonder what's going to happen to the loser of Penn/Sherk?

they will be back in the title picture in no time. sherk is the only lw that can beat bj, and bj is the only lightweight that can beat sherk imo, of course upsets happen and guys get caught but they are in a class by themselves not just in the ufc but in all organizations.

as for nate diaz, i think he already proved he is in the upper echelon by beating pellegrino, as did maynard. i think the division is so stacked and so tough to compute. but imo florian and huerta are the next two contenders behind sherk and bj.
4/6/08 6:56:21PM
I think Diaz should fight Maynard, Griffin should fight Gamburyan Edgar should fight Guida
4/6/08 8:55:55PM
Tyson Griffin is still a few levels above Diaz. A Diaz vs Maynard rematch has potential for fireworks though. Theyre both around the same level in rankings too so it makes sense.

I definitly want to see florian vs huerta and maybe the winner gets a title shot.
4/6/08 9:04:42PM
Diaz vs. Gamburyan II
Frankie Edgar vs. Josh Neer
Guida vs. Maynard (Sick Paced fight)
Marcus Aurelio vs. Tyson Griffin
4/6/08 9:16:37PM
I think Huerta will do some damage this yr aswell as Clamenti he is definately stepping up his game and conditioning he looked in a lot better shape in his last fight i've said enough in other post about Griffin/Diaz so i'll leave that alone in this post
4/7/08 7:22:00PM
lightweight is so talented, butwith edgar losing and joe it did make it a tad clearer i think winner or huerta vs florian has next crack at belt with tyson griffin needing one more big win or so to get the next shot next year.
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