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11/3/07 3:46:41PM
here is the UFC lightweight division as I see it

1. Sean Shrek
2. Joe Stevenson
3. B.J Penn
4. Kenflo
5. Huerta
6. fisher

I think joe daddy deserves it hes streaking, but I don't get it with B.J Penn don't get me wrong hes one of my favorites but he just had one fight at 155 this year and he beat jens and he has been fighting at welterweight, it must be his starpower. and kenflo has been streaking 2, and so has huerta, I would love to see them fight. I would also love to see fisher vs. melvin gulliard because they are two good guys who love to standup

any other thoughts from u guys
11/3/07 6:00:00PM
naming a top 5 is impossible. sherk penn and stevenson are the top three and having bj and daddy go at it is the best scenario with the winner facing sherk. after that its a mess, there is florian and huerta may have to be the next two because they are on the biggest winning streaks, but guida, tyson griffin, tavares, din thomas, spencer fisher and frank edgar are all in the mix. imo the fisher edgar winner should face off against the guida huerta winner to determine who faces the winner of sherk vs. bj/stevenson.
11/3/07 6:02:09PM
and i completely forgot pelligrino and auerellio, who definately belong in the same category as the others i mentioned.
11/3/07 8:00:57PM
this division is starting to become more stacked the 170 division.

But I see it like this

1. BJ Penn
4.Ken Flo

AND all of the following are interchangable

Then, and these are interchangable too
12.Din Thomas

And also dont forget about the talent that came out of TUF
Nate Diaz
Manny Gamburian
Joe Lauzon
Gray Maynard
all four of these guys could be very serious threats in the future.

I changed my mind 155 is the most stacked weight class.

EDIT - (and diego sanchez is considering droping to 155)
11/4/07 10:33:43AM
I think that no matter how you put it, the LW division is the best in MMA. There are so many guys. There are so many young guys. I'd like to see more LW fights, as they all seem to be wars (Black/Grice, Griffin/Guida, Stout/Fisher, Stevenson/Pellegrino, etc.). But here's my top 5:

Champ: Sean Sherk

1. B.J. Penn
2. Joe Stevenson
3. Kenny Florian
4. Roger Huerta
5. Tyson Griffin

Honorable Mention: Spencer Fisher, Clay Guida, Matt Grice, Melvin Guillard, Leonard Garcia, Alvin Robinson.

Like I said, this divison is stacked.
11/4/07 10:45:46AM
1. Sherk
2. Joe Stevenson
3. BJ Penn
4. Roger Huerta
5. Tyson Griffin
6. Clay Guida
7. Kenflo
11/4/07 11:03:13AM
Wow, how did Franca go from fighting for the title to not even on peoples' lists and Huerta, who has only fought cans, is in the top 5?

I wouldn't say the LW division is that stacked. Once top 10 fighters start fighting guys that are within the top ten, the idea of it being stacked will be a little different. This is what happened to the WW division. Once top 5 guys started fighting each other, the level of competition apparently separated.
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