UFC Lightweight Anthony Pettis hospitalized with infection

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10/22/12 10:04:12PM
Things keep going from bad to worse for Lightweight Anthony Pettis. Following UFC 144 where he knocked out Joe Lauzon and current champion Ben Henderson won a decision over Frankie Edgar, the masses were calling for the two fighters to rematch. Unfortunately for "Showtime", Edgar was granted a rematch in his stead. Pettis underwent shoulder surgery in the meantime while getting into a twitter feud with Donald Cerrone. There were talks that the two would coach TUF 17 and meet afterward, but that plan was scrapped in favor of Chael Sonnen vs. Jon Jones. Instead, they were expected to meet in January. Now, that may too be in jeopardy.

AXS TV's Inside MMA caught the story tonight and announced via Twitter:

BREAKING NEWS - @showtimepettis hospitalized with an infection in his elbow in the same arm as his surgically repaired shoulder

— Inside MMA (@InsideMMAaxstv) October 23, 2012

10/22/12 10:18:02PM
That sucks.
Hopefully they caught it early enough to where antibiotics can get rid of it quickly
10/22/12 11:11:02PM
UPDATE: MMA Weekly confirmed with Pettis' manager Mike Roberts that is a staph infection:

According to Roberts, Pettis was admitted after the discovery of the staph infection was made, and he immediately went in for treatment. Pettis’ manager did say however they don’t expect the infection to be anything serious, but he was admitted as a precaution.
10/22/12 11:11:26PM
So much talent yet he's wasting time sitting on the sidelines. Hope for a fast recovery.
10/22/12 11:38:13PM
Hopefully he has a speedy recovery.
10/23/12 12:17:39AM
as somebody thats had 2 staph infections, i know how he feels. staph is terrible and can get out of control very quickly. once on antibiotics the infection can go away in just a few days as long as its treated quickly. hopefully this doesnt jeopardize his next fight
10/23/12 1:25:31AM

Pettis vs. Cerrone is a fight I've wanted to see since WEC. Don't you mess this up staph infection!
10/23/12 3:37:22AM
I've also had the staph infection several times from wrestling in high school. It's one of the lamest sidelining instances imaginable :/
10/23/12 9:02:53AM
and so it begins...2013 off to a great start
10/23/12 11:30:04AM

Posted by Bubbles

and so it begins...2013 off to a great start

Hey now, let's not count our chickens till they hatch...err let's not count our bones until they break...err let's not count our infenctions until they're cured. Idk
10/23/12 3:30:32PM
CLEAN THE GYM!!!!! Proper gym cleaning and good fighter hygiene would stop most of these staph infections (and other bacterial infections) before they even start. CLEAN THE GYM AND TAKE SOME SHOWERS.
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