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1/22/13 4:56:06PM
Madison high school wrestler Michael McComish was bloodied and knocked to the mat Friday night, but not by another wrestler.

The senior was hit by a spotlight that crashed down on him from the ceiling area in the Madison Middle School during a special wrestling event. The spotlight was used for the school’s annual wrestling meet billed “Madison Square Garden.”

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1/22/13 5:17:01PM
Holy hell that was a direct hit. Glad he was ok.
1/22/13 5:18:28PM
Thats crazy. I figured him to not get up after that. Good thing hes ok. Whoever put that up should get fired.
1/22/13 5:21:11PM

glad he's alright!
1/22/13 5:37:21PM
Glad they all rushed in to help. Those lights had to be hot.
1/22/13 6:04:05PM
leading suspect:

1/22/13 7:56:05PM
"Holy knocker! Christ almighty!" Couldnt have put it better myself
1/22/13 10:46:00PM
It looks like somebody cut the rope with how it falls directly on him as soon as he hits his knees!!!
1/23/13 12:11:24AM
Looked like a scene out of Carrie but besides pigs blood he got a light fixture
1/23/13 3:07:34PM
i would be pissed after that. i would need to finish the match just to let off some steam.

on another note, my uncle had this happen to him at a restaurant. a light fixture landed right on the top of his head when he was eating. he won some sort of lawsuit and everything. couldnt have been much money cause he's a broke ass MF'er.