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8/12/11 9:14:44PM
Should i be lifting while cutting weight? i start my diet in september and have to be down by december 8th or 12th
8/12/11 10:50:48PM
Low weight, high reps
8/13/11 8:04:20PM
Youre already exhausting your body and muscles. If yopure lifting it better be REALLY low weight because the cutting alone is exhausting, youre not gonna heal the most spectacularly cut night.
8/14/11 11:13:25PM
Doing low weight High reps should help your fat burn off quicker too. If you constantly keep your heart rate up, your metabolism will constantly be burning more.
8/14/11 11:18:35PM

Posted by Chael_Sonnen

Low weight, high reps

more strength, less bulk
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