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9/1/09 12:02:35PM
With legislation signed into law Monday, Maine has become the latest state to legalize MMA. The bill creates an "MMA Authority" in the state that must have rules for the sport established by March 1, 2010,which is when the state can host MMA events including UFC if such rules are in place. A UFC event in the state could feature hometown star Marcus Davis.

9/1/09 1:54:11PM
YES! Now the Maine-iac Tim Sylvia can fight in his own state!!! lolz
9/1/09 6:16:26PM
Maine actually has a good following for MMA with several training facilities. Marcus Davis trains here quite a bit.
9/1/09 7:43:43PM
But seriously Tim Sylvia comeback step 2, after beating up on...whoever he is fighting next.
9/2/09 9:22:00AM
Actually, I can also see WEC doing an event there next year as well. Portland (the largest city) has a 10,000 seat arena that would be good for them and if Mike Brown beats Jose Aldo later this year to keep the WEC Featherweight Title, there's a house-packing main event right there for his next defense. (Brown is also from Maine) And although TIMMAY!! was born in Maine, hopefully people remember he currently is fighting out of Iowa.
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