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9/6/08 8:22:09AM
Chuck Liddell thinks it would be possible for him to hold both the light-heavyweight and heavyweight titles in the UFC.

He has set his sights on getting the light-heavyweight belt back, assuming he beats Rashad Evans this weekend, but is also eyeing the strap currently held by Randy Couture.

Regarding the light-heavyweight belt, he told MMA Mania: "I think I'm due a crack at that title, sure. I'm going to argue for it after I win but we'll see what happens.''

And if Couture is still heavyweight boss at that point, “I wouldn't mind coming up and getting the heavyweight title too,'' he added.

Couture and Liddell have fought three times before, with Liddell being the winner on two occasions, both times by knockout.

Earlier this week, the UFC announced that its errant heavyweight champion had returned to the fold after a prolonged absence.

9/6/08 11:13:15AM
the idea of chuck liddel holding the hw belt is a little crazy imo. sure he would have a very very good chance of beating randy again (although at hw it is a much tougher fight for him), but the larger hw's out there would give him serious problems. interestingly enough, one of the other guys he matches up well with is big nog, the interim champ. that said guys like brock or gonzaga would be just too powerful for him imo. everyone wants to move around lately. i think bj is the only one who can win and defend a belt at two weightclasses though.
9/6/08 1:00:40PM
I guess it all depends when he gets the LHW, if he does. Then will he jump right up to HW to fight for the title before defending the LHW. Then it depends who has the HW title. I know chuck would be randy and mir so that leaves lesnar and big nog.
9/6/08 1:11:24PM
just stick to light heavy chuck

it seems like everyone wants two belts

i think it is bad for the sport unless they can defend every 2 months
9/6/08 3:16:43PM
I dont think he can do it, he might get the light heavy title back but doubt he will get the heavy. Just to big of a goal.
9/6/08 4:22:25PM
i doubt he'll ever get the hw belt. if randy some how emerges from this hw tournament ( i think nog and lesnar beat him) will he sign to fight chuck for a 4th time? i doubt it. He will demand the fedor fight and then retire. chuck would knock him out a 3rd time imo .
9/6/08 4:31:27PM
I think he could fight at HW. He's a big LHW, walks around at 230, so it wouldn't surprise me for him to be able to bulk up to 240 which would be a pretty good size for a HW.
9/6/08 4:42:38PM
He'd not do well bigger. Randy's always been better at HW and was losing too much to make LHW. in be in the middle of the pack behind the top 5.
9/6/08 6:26:22PM
I think he's got some goals that are a little unrealistic.

Nogueira would beat him IMO, and maybe even Couture it's a tough call at this point in their careers.

I even think that Lesnar and Kongo would beat Chuck at HW.

And I actually like Liddell
9/6/08 6:39:31PM
I think if Randy had the HW belt he could get it but anyone else in the div is to big and strong. He's a big LHW, he would be dwarfed by Nog, Werdum, GG, Brock, Kongo, ect. I don't think he could defend the LHW belt at this point very many times either though, I don't really think anyone outside of a healthy Shogun could defend it multiple times, and who knows if we'll ever see that.
9/6/08 6:41:28PM
I think he should concentrate on getting the LHW belt back since am not even sure he'll get it but the HW no way he is way to small, i don't consider him that big at LHW so imagine the kind of problems he would have at HW
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