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9/25/07 12:21:01PM
Chuck Liddell lost his second straight bout this weekend at UFC 76 to the always tough Keith Jardine. Jardine, always known as a veteran mid-tier fighter, put on a show for the crowd that literally shocked the MMA world.

9/25/07 12:30:02PM
he will be back IMO he is not going quit after 2loses
9/25/07 12:35:22PM
I am a huge Liddell fan, but his performance was horrible against Jardine. He could have won that fight at any time in the third round if he would have just controlled the pace, but he circled the ring the entire round and just took leg kicks and punches and had absolutely no offense. If Chuck is to continue fighting he will need to get that drive back... GO LIDDELL!!!!!!
9/25/07 12:36:53PM
Chuck needs to learn to bring his hands up just a little, and stop trying to break peoples hands with his face. Block then knock them out Chuck.
9/25/07 4:07:46PM
he aint going anywhere. chuck is a fighter. he will want to retire at least on a win. i seriously doubt a dominant champion like him would go out on a 2 consecutive loss streak.
9/25/07 4:11:03PM
i just wrote the same shit that looneytnt wrote. ops sorry for being an unoriginal hack.
9/25/07 4:12:26PM
To say that Rua and Liddell are now second rate fighters because of ONE upset loss is crazy! Granted Liddell has lost two in a row, but his loss to Rampage I wouldn't consider an upset at all. Shogun's camp could have any number of reasons why he looked terrible against Griffin. Getting married, moving to the states, first fight in the cage...The list could go on and on. The fact is, he did look like garbage, he didnt even resemble the Shogun we all know. So if it was his training or cardio or whatever, everyone knows he is better than what we saw Saturday night. So again, one poor performance or upset, does not mean Rua or Chuck are all of a sudden B level fighters.
9/25/07 4:30:38PM
The aftermath of Chuck Rampage is going to be a long lasting war. So many possibilities, with Houston stepping in, Babalu steeping out, Chuck and Rua stepping down, and Forrest and Jardine stepping up, it's going to be a great time with a lot of interesting matches to figure out who gets the next title shot against Rampage.
9/25/07 4:53:07PM

Posted by FRRUNKIS

i just wrote the same shit that looneytnt wrote. ops sorry for being an unoriginal hack.

9/25/07 4:54:37PM
I wouldn't say the article says they are B-level rated fighters, but I think it implies that they did drop to a different tier in the division because of their losses. Liddell is closely moving down the rating ladder. He had very poor form, as where Rua really just gassed horribly. Fact is, I think it implies they are still hot commodities and very good fighters.
9/25/07 6:16:43PM
I'm actually going to comment on the rest of your comments....THANK YOU....finally people are viewing this with open eyes and for what it is. I'm so tired of people talking a load of crap on Liddell because he has dropped two fights, and Rua for that matter, these guys deserve all the second chances in the world..thanks for the open views guys I couldnt agree more.