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9/18/07 12:35:54PM
One of the reasons it's so difficult for anyone who knows UFC lightweight champion Sean Sherk well to believe he's guilty of using anabolic steroids, as the California Athletic Commission has alleged, is his complete disdain for anything he feels may harm his body.

9/18/07 12:50:29PM
well being out late at nigthclubs at night cant help you for a fight, but im going with the dean on this fight so, good luck to both fighters and i hope they both come in 100%
9/18/07 1:07:33PM
Party on Chuck!! Chuck in the 1st via KO
9/18/07 1:08:37PM
everybodys picked Chuck, but this should be a brawl!!! Going to be intresting, mabey it will go to the ground and they came show off some bjj for once!
9/18/07 1:12:24PM
i dont see this fight going to the ground,chuck would just stand up
9/18/07 2:57:15PM
I don't think either fighter is planning on taking it to the ground. Which means the advantage goes to Chuck to win this. I just feel like Jardine won't be able to get over this hump.
9/18/07 4:02:28PM
i think Jardine is going to get his bell rung!!!!

this will be the test to see how Jardine's chin is like
9/18/07 4:23:22PM
this chin is not to bad but chuck hits hard im going for jardine but the for i think about, i think chuck may have a fun time, but i may staying with what i said jardine KO by head kick
9/18/07 7:54:26PM
i think that liddell is one of the most domenent strikers in the UFC and will want the fight standing. But the only way i think that Jardine would be able to have a better fight is if he practiced a little more on the ground. I think that will end up like the Houston Alexander fight against Jardine with him getting TKOd though.
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