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9/22/07 12:54:38PM
I still cant believe that Dana even put this match together , Speaking for myself i think its crap ! With all this new talent in the UFC they give us this match.... I know that the undercards are goin to be the matches to watch , but still i cant believe that Chuck even took this fight, Whats next ? Ross Pointon VS Rampage ????? Give me a break ...... FITCH make me smile tonight , Manchida is the next BIG thing !
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9/22/07 3:01:32PM
I agree, but on the bright side if Chuck runs through Jardine injury free...we will more than likely get to see Chuck vs Wandy in December.
9/23/07 2:22:55AM
Chuck has lost.... so we all or at least most of us underastimated Jardine ?? Something's up with chuck I mean i do not know but there was nothing to watch in that fight from chuck's side. But whatever . He's still my favourite.
9/23/07 5:29:12AM
Jardine just went in and used a great, although dangerous gameplan to get the win. Hats off to him!
9/23/07 10:02:43AM
OK so what do i know :)
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