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3/4/08 4:44:48PM
Shogun is out. Who is in? Everyone seems to be taken at the moment.
3/4/08 4:47:55PM
3/4/08 4:49:05PM

Technically a double link... but you'll get there one way or another.
3/4/08 4:56:00PM
Yeah that sucks balls man. Best Match-up for both men. and now theres no one left to fight...

I would scrap Ortiz vs. Lyoto and make Machida vs. Liddell.
3/4/08 4:56:28PM

Tuesday, March 04, 2008 - by Ken Pishna -

The Ultimate Fighting Championship on Tuesday announced that Mauricio “Shogun” Rua, who had been scheduled to make his return to the Octagon against Chuck Liddell on June 7 in London, will instead be returning to the operating room.

Rua has been forced to withdraw from his UFC 85 bout with Liddell due a ruptured ACL in his left knee, the same injury that he had surgically repaired following his loss to Forrest Griffin in October at UFC 76.

The 26-year-old will once again require surgery on the injured knee, but no word is yet forthcoming on when we will be able to return to competition.

“I’ve never seen Shogun so motivated for a fight like this in years,” said Rua spokesman Eduardo Alonso. “This was like a new beginning for him.”

Rua, along with his brother Murilo “Ninja” and former Chute Boxe teammate Andre “Dida” Amade and his brother, formed a new camp of their own in Curitiba, Brazil prior to the scheduling of the bout with Liddell. The Rua brothers and Amade, until recently, were all members of the famed Brazilian Chute Boxe camp.

The promotion says that Liddell’s opponent for UFC 85 at London’s O2 Arena will be announced shortly.

3/4/08 4:58:45PM
I wish the UFC could sign Lil' NOG for this fight. I know he just had a fight recently but is he signed with anyone?
3/4/08 5:02:30PM
Dan Henderson would be available by then, but i doubt they would put that match-up together right now.
3/4/08 5:02:54PM
Well, this is very sh*tty news.

Hmmm, let me think.... I would either scrap the Thiago Silva vs. Rashad Evans fight and matchup Evans vs. Liddell at 85........Or

Give Wilson Gouveia a chance to step up against one of the big boys......

Or dare I say.... "The Spider" Anderson Silva???? Just throwing some names out there.
3/4/08 5:06:47PM
You know all the spider would have to do is step-up and with his momentum i think they'd let him do it.
They concentrate so much on how he's the p4p #1 best that i think they would do anything to boost his career.
3/4/08 5:17:46PM
Obviously I would love for Rashad to fight Liddell, but I dont know if they'd scrap that fight. I can hope...

Liddell fighting A. Silva would also be a dream fight, but I don't know if they'll let that happen either, unless Silva had plans to continue to fight in both divisions. I see something big happening either way. Joe Silva wont feed him a can.
3/4/08 5:23:37PM
Get Tim Boetsch on the Phone!.............In all seriousness though, this sucks, i was looking foward to this match..........the most possible match-up right now would be scratch rashard vs silva, and do silva/liddell, or rashad liddell/, then put the one left out for gouveia..........or they might just give gouveia a go against liddell........hope shogun gets better soon so we can see him back
3/4/08 5:27:34PM
Man this is some bad news. I'm wondering what the main event to this card will be now. Not seeing any top light heavyweights for Liddell to fight. Maybe Houston Alexander if he makes quick work of James Irvin? That would be a good fight and could be co-main event with another fight.
3/4/08 5:29:17PM
why couldn't they sign the current heavyweight's little brother and give him the fight? Lil' NOG's fights are always a war and I don't understand why he isn't signed with the UFC anyways.

Shogun vs. Lil' NOG was an absolute war back in Pride.
3/4/08 5:52:37PM

Shogun vs. Lil' NOG was an absolute war back in Pride.
No doubt man!!!!

This makes more sense, not the guy mentioned Rashad Boring Evans. I would never pay for an Evans fight EVER again.....rather watch paint dry....
3/4/08 5:53:36PM
If Houston Alexander can fight again by then after the April event then let him fight Houston both are good strikers, should be lots of leather going around.
3/4/08 6:30:57PM

Posted by coldchillin

why couldn't they sign the current heavyweight's little brother and give him the fight? Lil' NOG's fights are always a war and I don't understand why he isn't signed with the UFC anyways.

Shogun vs. Lil' NOG was an absolute war back in Pride.

Lil Nog signed with that Canadian(?I think?) company a while ago... So they'll at least have to wait that contract out because of the exclusive contract clause...

Would be a good fight though... Lil Nog by armbar
3/4/08 8:14:45PM
3/4/08 8:45:22PM
Ricardo Arona, Or vitor belfort could both be colse to a signing to fight for the UFC.

Especially Arona, since he has been sitting on the sideline, and people expected him to sign with dream or WVR, but he hasnt announced anything, which makes me think he is in talks with the UFC, and this would be a golden opportunity for his entrance into the UFC. Same with belfort, he has been calling people out, and he could sell on a rematch with liddell.
3/4/08 9:30:37PM
I think they will wait till aftef fight night to see who wins them fights, Maybe the winner of Tim V Hamill, It would 99% sure give chuck a big KO, As they both would chase him IMO.
3/4/08 9:42:01PM

Posted by Gipper


I agree.If Dan could get back to 205 and was game I would love to see these 2 fight.
3/4/08 11:28:46PM
Liddell vs Henderson, but doubt henderson will move up, he is normally MW...
Liddell vs Stephan Bonnar? .. I know you might think its bad matchup but if Bonnar wins he can get back on track in his career...
3/4/08 11:53:43PM
i doubt hendo will fight him and i don't think the ufc wants him to be 0-3 but i do see arona maybe getting signed or if alexander can get a quick knockout in april he could fight 3 months later
3/5/08 12:34:36AM
Dan Henderson could definitely be a great choice. He has the ultimate style to beat Chuck with that crazy chin.

Houston if he makes quick work of Irvin.

Or Rashad or Thiago since some people are going around saying that fight is not offical yet.

There the only really big names at the moment.
3/5/08 12:36:17AM
How bout Tim Sylvia?

Why not try Chuck at HW? Would be interesting if nothing else.
3/5/08 12:52:51AM
I'm really really hoping it's Hendo.
3/5/08 2:16:25AM
I know how about Chuck says he is being disrespected by the UFC {meaning he is not being payed enough) and says the only fight that matters is with Fedor. Oh wait never mind he cant do that Randy already did. Sorry guys couldn't help myself .
3/5/08 11:23:19AM
Wow, i was going down my list of top LHW and everyone in the UFC LHW is booked. They are basically going to have to scrap a fight or wait and see who gets out of a fight without much damage.
3/5/08 11:31:16AM
Stephan Bonner is out there but I just see chuck stalking him the whole time so thats not very interesting...Chuck should just sit tight and take the winner of Jardin vs. Silva either fighter has alot to fight for then. If silva by some chance loses that fight that will set up a chuck vs. jardine rematch and the possibility of Wandy droppin to 185 to get destroyed by The Spider.
3/5/08 9:18:35PM
I want to see Liddell vs. Jackson 3. It probably won't happen this close to his most recent loss but I would love to see it.
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