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5/24/07 6:09:46AM
In this Saturday's upcoming event I'm wagering 100 on Rampage if anyone wants to bet??
5/24/07 4:19:34PM
I'll take Chuck. Who has Rampage fought recently? Eastman? He struggled in that fight.
5/24/07 4:29:47PM
well eastman isnt much of a pushover though
5/25/07 2:00:17PM
Well I didn't know Rampage struggled in that fight?? Did we watch the same fight??

Anyway... I think Chuck is definately in his prime... and he's definately one of the best pound for pound fighter's in the world, but he's definately got his work cut out for him.

In the previous fight he hit Rampage with some hard shots... but Rampage just took them and came right at Chuck... not playing into Chuck's plan like most fall victim too "literally".

I'm game to bet 100 against Chuck just let me know...
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