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POLL: Which Tag Team would dominate?
Shogun/Wanderlei 28% (7)
Liddell/Griffin 4% (1)
Couture/Henderson 40% (10)
Ortiz/Rampage 20% (5)
Jardine/Sokoudjou 0% (0)
Arona/Lil Nog 8% (2)
11/9/07 3:18:31AM
Imagine a WWE style, tag team (where one fighter touches their teammate who then comes in) tournament (in a ring as that's the only way it would work) with UFC rules including all of the following teams....

Which team is crowned the champs after all's said and done?

Arona/Lil Nog

Or think of a team of two different fighters
And ya, ya I know it'll never in amillion years happen and is a stupid idea, but IF it for some strange unexplained reason it went down, how would the different match-ups play out. Try to get as creative as possible and give a fight by fight breakdown. And if you think it's a completely retarded post please just move on to the next topic and don't feel the need to be a d!ck and comment. Thanks.
11/9/07 7:15:14AM

While Wand is kneeing Rampage
Shogun has Hendo in kneebar.

Simaltaenoeus (sp?) Tap/KO
11/9/07 11:38:49AM
I voted Couture/Henderson !!

With the help of a chair and 2 beautiful girls to distract the referee !!!

11/10/07 6:35:19PM

It should be Hendo/Sokoju, Couture/Griffen, Jardine/Evans, and Machida/Lil Nog.

Arona may team up with Fihlo? Shogun and Wand are not together anymore. Ortiz/Rampage is a good team a healthy Coleman/Randleman could make some noise still.

Tag style MMA is alright but not as good as regular 1 on 1.

Imanari has some good tag matches.
11/11/07 10:01:39PM
lol fedor/randy =]

11/11/07 11:29:14PM
silva and fihlo v lindland and hendo for MW
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