What LHW fight do you want to see most?

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12/20/07 5:58:24PM
Just something off the top of my head so we have an actual post on here about MMA.

Personally I want Rampage v. Wanderlei Silva

Chuck v. Shogun would be good to
12/20/07 6:10:04PM
like the way u think
Chuck v hendo would be sweet
Tito v Wandy again i would like to see
Shogun v Soko
Soko v Rampage
lots of fantastic fireworks matches in this division, next couple years gonna be SWEEEEEEEEEEEET
12/20/07 6:11:14PM
chuck vs wandy, and i get to see it(i really hope i didnt jinx it so one of them gets hurt training now)
12/20/07 7:15:47PM
Shogun v Chuck
Tito v Forrest griffin
Rampage v Wandy
12/20/07 7:22:13PM

Posted by cowcatcher

chuck vs wandy,

I was just about to say that LOL

But maybe Houston vs Soko

Just because.

Tito vs Shogun
Tito vs Wandy II
Thiago vs keith Jardine
12/20/07 7:27:48PM
ill like to see

shogun vs tito
wanderlei vs tito
shogun vs soko
shogun vs rampage
wanderlei vs rampage
shogun vs liddell
soko vs tito
rampage vs soko
rashad vs soko

and some that arent really top contenders yet but i would like to see also

thiago silva vs keith jardine
Houston alexander vs soko(just becuase they both exploded into the scene with flash KO's when they were the underdogs, they are both very explosive, would be a fun match)

12/20/07 7:52:31PM
Cuck and Wandy
Alexander and Machida
Soko and Thiago
Shogun vs Rampage
12/20/07 9:01:00PM
I want to see Shogun and Page two, because I don't think it would be any different.
12/20/07 9:09:48PM
Chucj /Wandy, and its finally here.
12/20/07 9:19:34PM
tito vs. shogun. that will be a good indicator if shogun can fight in the ufc, tito is still a great fighter but he wont win a title again.
12/20/07 10:48:00PM
ohh and i forgot i really hope vitor belfort finds his way into the UFC, he would bring alot of excitment into the division, and would create alot of interestion match ups
12/20/07 10:51:32PM
Soko v anyone in the LHW division the man is 23 and is going to be the next big thing in a STACKED weight class i can't wait until he fights in the UFC so people can actually see how beastly this guy is. He is a scary dude for any fighter.
12/21/07 9:48:01AM
1. Page v Shogun
2. Tito v Shogun
3. Soko v Shogun
4. Wandy v Hendo
5. Soko v Wandy

To think I watched more UFC then Pride.
12/21/07 9:52:46AM
Rampage - Shogun
Liddell - Silva
Ortiz - Evans II
Bisping - Hammil II
Griffin - Jardine II
Soku - Machida

They're making a couple of those fights and I think all of them are possibilities. Rampage's up and down career prior to the UFC gives him lots of intriguing rematches--Shogun, Wandy, Arona and Lindland would all be worth seeing again.
12/21/07 10:06:16AM
Im actualy looking pretty forward to rampage vs forrest as long as neither gets injured. both have great heart and neither will give up without a war. also Most of the match ups involving two of top ten in LWcould all be great fights
12/21/07 11:03:55AM
I'd really like to see Wanderlei fight Sokoudjou, if he keeps his winning streak in tact after the Machida fight...

Also, I'd really like to see a Jardine vs Griffen rematch (personally think it would make more sense to have this fight than giving Forrest a title shot already)
12/21/07 2:50:00PM
I would like to see Soko take on Silva, Shogun, Jackson, Liddell, Alexander, Thiago Silva ,and Keith Jardine all those fights would be totally insane and everyone of then would most likely end by KO
12/24/07 9:55:28AM

any of the six matches you can make.
12/25/07 1:00:12PM
Thiago Silva vs Jason Lambert
Rampage vs Tito Ortiz

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