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10/23/10 1:56:49PM
Just a thought.........
While we're waiting for Shogun/Rashad to happen I figured this would be the best pattern for the other fights to play out

Winner of Rampage Machida vs Winner of Jones Bader for next title shot
Loser of Rampage Machida vs Winner of Forrest Franklin
Loser of Jones Bader vs Loser of Forrest and Franklin

Yay or Nay
10/23/10 2:39:35PM
Looks good to me however I dont see the ufc doing that, personally heres how it will go

Winner of Rampage-Machida title shot
Winner of Jones-Bader gets Winner of Forrest-Franklin(for next title shot)
10/23/10 7:36:28PM
It's great but the UFC doesn't do Grand Prix style match ups....unfortunately!
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