Levens fighting Twice on Banned card?

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7/3/08 12:39:04PM
I've noticed in the secondary league fantasy picks that Justin Levens is listed as fighting twice in the same night against different opponents.

I think he's actually fighting Ray Lizama unless a change has been made to the card but in the picks hes also listed as figthing Patrick Speight.

Anyone know which one is the real fight and which one is a mistake? or did the CSAC change its rules regarding allowing fighters to fight multiple times in a night!

No matter how many cans they put him against though I'm still not picking him
7/3/08 12:48:43PM
Since the fight with Patrick is at the bottom of the list, It means it's newer(recently put there)so Levens vs Patrick Speight will probably be the fight to happen
7/3/08 9:50:07PM
Its because mmaweekly has Levens fighting Speight, while the affliction site still has it as lizama. It might be that they havent updated it on their site yet though so I guess we wont know for sure until closer to the event.
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