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12/22/12 4:35:17PM

Posted by Adrenaline

Posted by Bubbles

seeing as an American is running it, I'm not surprised he is running it into the ground.

Must be Canadians running the NFL, NBA, MLB, UFC, ect.

Americans can't run Canada's game...and it's not like Goodell and Selig are loved by all either Nor DFW for that matter
12/22/12 4:37:18PM

Posted by JoeWarren33

The rest of the Jays staff will be Johnson, Buerhle, Morrow and Romero I think.

Correct! Just add Dickey in there, and thats our rotation this season. One of the best starting roations in the league.

I find it funny how many peope think Dickey is A "flash in the pan". I bet your just jealous. Let me guess Cabrera is gonna suck cause he wont be on any enhancments?
Bunch of jealous haters!


This is also the guy who will call into Blue Jays post-game and bitch about ____ because he has 2 bad games or say that this team is World Series bound after a 3 game win streak
12/22/12 4:40:45PM

Posted by hotrodttt

Don't count out my A's, we've made a couple of good moves

Bartolo Colon 2013 Cy Young winner

Posted by prophecy033

Mariners fan here. We Suck. Carry on.

Kendrys Morales to the rescue
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