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POLL: what's next?
rematch asap! 35% (17)
silva lhw match 2% (1)
silva-vitor 47% (23)
sonnen disapears 2% (1)
sonnen-vitor 8% (4)
who knows! 6% (3)
8/8/10 10:55:53AM
well guys, what's next? vitor? rematch? discuss.
8/8/10 11:08:02AM
No rematch! Sonnen was beat. Back to the pile buddy.

8/8/10 11:11:15AM
There is no need for the UFC to give Sonnen an immediate rematch. This fight did not end in controversy as a couple other title fights have recently. Sonnen tapped out. I'd like to see a rematch, but not immediately. T
8/8/10 11:34:38AM
Next for Anderson Silva, imo: Vitor Belfort.

Next for Chael Sonnen, imo: Alan Belcher or Rousimar Palhares. Assuming he wins, then he gets the rematch... with Demian Maia.
8/8/10 12:16:05PM
Vitor Belfort is next in my opinion, and for the 1st time ever, I don't consider Anderson Silva the clear cur favorite, because I think Anderson Silva is now past his prime.
8/8/10 12:17:57PM
great performance from Chael but no cigar
8/8/10 12:34:48PM
Belfort vs Okami for the next shot at Anderson.

Chael fights Palhares or Maia again. Work your way back to a shot. Beating a guy who beat you would be a good way to start.
8/8/10 12:55:54PM
I say rematch immeadiatly than have Belfort-Okami with the winnr of that fight getting a title shot. Because IMO Okami is more deserving of a title shot than Belfort at the moment.
8/8/10 4:27:09PM
Think of it this way. Shogun/ machida. And edgar/penn went to decisions

Silva vs sonnen the fight ended. Why the rematch??

Have him face belfort. I would love to see sonnen vs bisping. And then give sonnen a fight or two then another title shot next year
8/8/10 8:44:54PM
i want a rematch asap just so i can see silva get dominated again. WAR SONNEN!!!!!
8/9/10 5:34:25AM
Deserving the shot doesn't always go together with matchmaking in the UFC.
8/9/10 12:57:28PM
I would definitely love to see a rematch, though I'm not sure that an immediate one is warranted. As mentioned above, he got beat. I think that it's finally time, if injuries don't postpone it further, for Vitor to get his shot at Anderson. With as shaky as Anderson looked at times on his feet against Chael, I think Vitor has a fantastic chance of wearing that gold afterward.

My problem with the whole question is, will Anderson even still be fighting if and when Chael works his way back to title contender status? He's always talked about retiring sometime in the near future, and I'm not sure with the way that title fights are stretched out over the course of a year, TUF not included, that he will be around for a rematch.

Props to Chael by the way, for taking the loss like a man, so far at least. He caught a lot of grief from fans because of his pre-fight antics, but think about what he was doing. Do you think that this fight-card would have been viewed as much if there was just marginal trash-talk beforehand? I don't. The casual fan probably didn't have an interest in Chael, good or bad, before he started talking so much trash. All he was doing was trying to sell a fight, and I think that for the most part he proved a lot of us hardcore fans wrong that he couldn't handle Silva, let alone dominate him the way he did for as long as he did.

8/9/10 6:19:21PM
Lets not and say we did ...ok!
8/10/10 4:13:36PM
since anderson is out till march of next year due to the ass kicking he took for 23 minutes , i say let vitor fight chael and the winner will deserve a title shot.
8/28/10 1:00:50AM
Are you kidding me, AchillesHeel? When was the last time a fighter got sent that far back from a title loss? I think you're probably pretty biased against sonnen
8/28/10 9:13:29AM

Posted by DeadHead988

Are you kidding me, AchillesHeel? When was the last time a fighter got sent that far back from a title loss?

- Dan Hardy will be fighting Carlos Condit at UFC 120 after losing to Georges St. Pierre.
- Demian Maia will be fighting Mario Miranda tonight, after losing to Anderson Silva.
- Diego Sanchez fought John Hathaway at UFC 114 after losing to B.J. Penn.
- Kenny Florian fought Clay Guida at UFC 107 after losing to B.J. Penn.
- Frank Mir fought Cheick Kongo, also at UFC 107, after losing to Brock Lesnar.
- Urijah Faber fought Raphael Assuncao at WEC 46 after losing to Mike Thomas Brown.
- Mike Thomas Brown fought Anthony Morrison at WEC 46 after losing to Jose Aldo.

That's in the last ~8 months. I could go on, if I need to.

Posted by DeadHead988

I think you're probably pretty biased against sonnen

I think you probably haven't read any of my posts on him. Well, other than the one in this thread.
8/29/10 8:56:08AM
I saw belfort at expo
He said he is fighting okami next but wouldn't say if in germany or
Detroit in nov
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