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12/29/11 6:26:36PM
The first time we all seen Ed was on Tuf and if you all remember, he was actually a huge favorite to win the whole thing. Of course Ed eventually met his match at the finale losing a back and forth bout to Kendal Grove.

After Ed had finally made it big time and was a part of the UFC, he and his fans still had to worry if he was gonna keep his place on the UFC MW roster after his early back to back loses in '06. Short Fuse then went on to go 3-0 in '07 with all 3 being finishes aswell as grasping KOTN and SOTN twice.

2008, however, was not so cool for Ed. Falling victim to Maia's jiu jitsu and losing a close decision to Belchar. Ed then went on to compete only twice in '09 aswell, going 1-1 against the Crow and then losing because of the injury to Aaron Simpson causing Herman to take all of 2010 off to heal.

Upon his return he has racked up 2 victories against the very tough Tim Credeur and Kyle Noke. Finishing both early. Hoping to continue the streak, Herman is meeting Clifford Starks (8-0) on the under card of Diaz vs Condit.

I'm a big supporter of Short Fuse and I think, with a strong 2012, he can squeeze into the Top 10.

12/29/11 7:32:34PM
Strictly a prelim fighter.
12/29/11 8:05:11PM
I'm a fan of his and root for him.
12/29/11 8:24:20PM
Although I disagree with Herman ever being in the top 10, he has had a good year. His fight with Starks doesn't make any sense. Herman should be fighting someone with a bigger name at this point.
12/29/11 11:39:54PM
To squeeze into the top 10 he'd have to beat Starks and follow it up with 2 wins over guys like Leben/Stann/Silva/Maia/Palhares/Weidman/etc this year. It's definitely possible but Starks alone is a huge challenge with a horrible risk/reward. I just hope Herman stays injury free and keeps putting on good fights.
12/30/11 8:42:27AM
Herman seems like a good dude, for sure. I have rooted for him since the TUF days as well. He has definitely had an up and down career thus far, but I have definitely been impressed with his last two fights. I hope he can continue to find success.

As far as top 10 talk.... He would need to rattle off a minimum of two or three wins against fairly high caliber opponents for that talk to be warranted. Again though, that's just because of his inconsistency and injuries in the past. Just my opinion though!
12/30/11 7:48:55PM
I think he is a top ten contender, a gatekeeper at this point but a tough solid all around fighter, and I enjoy watching his fights.
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