Let's move on from UFC on Fox and talk about something else like UFC 139

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11/14/11 1:59:15AM
I think this card looks like it could be one of the best as the year is rounding out. I think Kingsbury/Bonnar might be a very entertaining fight along with Le/Silva. Matt Brown of course always puts on great fights too. So personally I am very excited for this upcoming card.

What does surprise me though is that Shogun is the underdog to Henderson 56% to 44% on the playground. I thought Shogun was gonna be the favorite in this fight with that win against Griffin. Shogun should be 100% for this fight and I think he is gonna do away with Henderson pretty easily.
11/14/11 2:44:49AM
if theres anything ive learned from watching dan henderson fight over the years is that he is never put away easy. im actually thinking hendo could come out with another big KO. the rest of the card looks pretty legit. not the best, but still good
11/14/11 4:40:56AM
hendo might have the cartoonishly biggest chin in mma but i think he will get lit up on the feet against shogun. even if hendo doesn't get knocked out he WILL get outpointed standing with shogun. i think he'll have a tough time taking shogun down as well. shogun ud.
11/14/11 5:18:31AM
This is a great line-up. I do wish this were made into the UFC on Fox card though! If this were presented free on network TV, I think this could have made more new fans than just the JDS-Velasquez fight. Oh well, fuck making new fans! Let's look at the best fights on the main card:

Shogun vs. Hendo - this is a battle of legends at Light Heavyweight. Fans of old have wanted this forever. Bust out the stock footage and sell this bitch! I would feel comfortable guaranteeing at least 90 seconds out of this one.

Le vs. Silva - two strikers with exciting styles meet at Middleweight. Someone is getting KTFO, Friday style. Should be fun to watch!

Story vs. Kampmann - two of the most exciting young bucks at 170 meet in a match that virtually guarantees fireworks. Story is a sprawl and brawler, and has a style that has troubled Kampmann recently, if not in the ring than in the perception of the judges. Kampmann has great striking and TDD, so this fight is all about who executes their gameplan. But then, what fight isn't?

Faber vs. Bowles - a Bantamweight #1 contender match. Only Bowles deserves a shot if he wins, but Urijah is arguably the most marketable non heavyweight on the Zuffa roster, so he gets a shot if he wins too. Neither of these guys are boring to watch. Faber puts on a pace that makes Clay Guida envious, and Bowles has the power and skills to finish his opponents.

These four matches, all in different weight classes, along with a solid undercard, should make for another spectacular weekend of fights.
11/14/11 9:46:28AM
Wandy vs Cung Wow! fireworks written all over this 1. It's hard to count Hendo out against Shogun he's proven to be a beast in his last couple fights with strikeforce. Awesome main event.
11/14/11 9:50:32AM
Also I think Gleison Tibau v Rafael dos Anjos will tear the house down, fotn matchup.
11/14/11 9:51:55AM
RIP Wandy

11/14/11 11:32:46AM
This card is ridiculous, top to bottom. One of the best looking cards on paper all year. Hendo doesn't put on boring shows, that's just a fact. I can't wait, my god. And once this one is over the next numbered event will be 140, which I'm going to

And Eddie Alvarez fighting this weekend? Oh FUCK yeah. This is going to be such a great weekend for mma.
11/14/11 12:01:24PM
It's a gorgeous card.

Shogun's going to be the first to stop Hendo with strikes
11/14/11 1:49:34PM
Dan has better cardio so the longer this one goes the better for him. I see Dan putting pressure on him for three rounds before Shogun gets tired. Hendo Rd 3 TKO
P.S. Shogun ain't gonna KO Hendo.... you guys make me laugh.
11/14/11 3:49:16PM
I was leaning on Rua at first but Hendo is very smart and in all reality...I know he knows that all he has to do is watch out for the right hand of Rua...Rua is gonna be worried about being takendown...This is one of the closest fights IMO to pick in a long time...
11/14/11 4:05:16PM
Wandy = Six Feet Under
11/14/11 6:55:42PM
Cung Le via 720 hook kick to the jaw of Wand.
11/15/11 1:21:31AM
Story/Kampmann is the fight that strikes my interest the most, with the exception of the headliners.

11/15/11 8:02:32AM
Great card!
Btw Wand via Tko round 1!
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