let us draw and do every drug possible

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9/26/12 9:49:29PM
The Art

just click the link
9/26/12 10:25:03PM
There's some good ones in there. Great artist that may die from his experiments.
9/26/12 10:52:08PM
Wonder if this is really legit or not? Could be just trying to get some pub? I really question the bath salt one because of the zombie he drew. Coincidence?
9/26/12 11:33:59PM
This guy may or may not have drawn these on those particular drugs. If he is implying that he made an honest attempt to draw himself each time though, I call shenanigans.

I saw something similar to this recently, but can't remember the details to save my life. I'll have to do some digging.
9/27/12 12:11:48AM
I'm not an expert on drugs by any stretch, but I've seen plenty of people on them and had a good friend addicted to painkillers. That said, his "doses" don't seem very consistant.

If you can take 3mg Klonopin for instance, 7.5mg of Percocet wouldn't do much to you, and I'm pretty sure 4mg of Dailaudid isn't even a full dose. I know they're not all exactly the same, but if you can handle massive doses of one, taking a standard dose of another isn't going to alter your reality too much.

Some of the artwork is cool, but overall I think it's fiction.
9/27/12 12:29:10AM
computer duster easily takes the #1 spot. pure gold
9/27/12 10:33:00AM
Those are pretty awesome. If he was on drugs while doing them, he is an amazing artist. I hope he gets healthy though. All that shit will end up killing him.
9/27/12 3:02:26PM
That was entertaining, but I agree with some of the above...Cephalexin is just an antibiotic.
9/27/12 8:50:11PM
These were really cool, especially if it's all drawn by one person. It's very hard to vary drawing style that much. I think he obviously wanted each one to be very different so he sort of just let each drug suggest the direction he was going to go in with the self-portrait.

He missed a lot of the ones I really wanted to see though - E, LSD, GHB, Ketamine and Heroin.