Lesnar Returns In August, Pulver/Faber For Free

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2/28/08 10:29:54PM

White also said that Brock Lesnar, whose debut on Feb. 2 led the company to one of its most successful pay-per-view events in its history, losing to Frank Mir, will have his second UFC fight in August. No opponent has been named but the leading candidate appears to be Justin McCulley.

He also said the most anticipated WEC match thus far, a featherweight title defense by Urijah Faber against Jens Pulver, will take place this summer from Sacramento as a live special on Versus.

think it's probably a good thing to keep Lesnar out longer. It looks like UFC in June will be on Spike, so they don't really need another draw, and the more time off to train before his next fight the better. There are all sorts of rumors about who he's going to be training with, including BJ Penn, but it's unclear what is true at this point

The Pulver/Faber news is good too, that PPV was going to bomb, but they can probably break a million viewers with this one if hyped well. Lots of exciting news lately!

2/28/08 10:41:02PM
i was just saying the free one on spike has 2 many big draws not good for the ufc ... they should have lesner free on Tv though insted of liddell they already saw him lose once ... idk if they will be as succsefull the 2nd time ... and yea i cant wait for the faber fight !
2/28/08 11:20:06PM
I am going with Pulver on this one.
The guy will not choke for sure and he will take the belt from Faber !!

Pulver rd 2 TKO !!

2/28/08 11:39:57PM
I live in Sacramento and Faber is always at his gym, always working, always getting better, everytime I've been there he's working out, the only guy he's lost to was years ago against Tyson Griffin (you can really see the difference in his personal growth since that fight occured) Griffin is now a top contender in the UFC one division up. I'm going to pick Faber for the tko via gnp, I'm a huge fan of Pulver but Faber just has too much of a chin and can't get choked out.
2/29/08 12:32:19AM

Posted by tuvok500

I am going with Pulver on this one.
The guy will not choke for sure and he will take the belt from Faber !!

Pulver rd 2 TKO !!

Tuvok500 you rule, took the words right out of my mouth man!
2/29/08 4:33:02AM
Glad to hear Pulver/Faber will be free as it's been up in the air for quite a while.
2/29/08 7:30:38AM

Posted by PaleHorse

t Faber just has too much of a chin and can't get choked out.

you are right about having "too much chin" its bigger the jay lenos... its a big target for Lil Evil to hit
2/29/08 8:42:20AM
I think Brock getting more time to prepare his ground game can only be a good thing for him, probably not for his opponent though :).

I would like to see Brock Lesnar looking like this in his next fight:Brock Lesnar vs Min Soo Kim
2/29/08 9:04:34AM
If I'm not mistaken isn't Lesnar vs. McCully already scheduled for UFC 85?
2/29/08 9:45:17AM
what a great year for mma
2/29/08 3:32:01PM
I'd pick Pulver against anybody at 145
2/29/08 6:00:51PM
I agree, Pulver is an animal and a handful for anyone at 145. As for Lesnar, I guess I'm excited to see him again. His debut was not a complete waste of time.
3/1/08 2:58:54PM
Just looked on the UFC 85 card and Lesnar and McCully are not listed anymore, Anyone know hear why? I didn't see anything in the MMA news section either.
3/1/08 3:07:44PM
Forget the last post, I guess I didnt look hard enough, found it on MMAjunkie.
3/1/08 3:11:40PM

Posted by silverbullet

I'd pick Pulver against anybody at 145

kid yamamoto would utterly obliterate him. the skill disparity in that fight would be ridiculous, almost as bad as puvler v penn II. don't get me wrong, pulver is talented...however not talented enough to beat yamamot or even faber for that matter. look to faber to control this with his wrestling but i will be rooting for jens the whole time.
3/1/08 3:21:33PM
Why where they even thinking of putting Pulver and Faber on free TV? That would be a huge bust since the WEC still does not have half the fan base the UFC does. Free on Verses was and will always be perfect. But maybe that's cause I don't have money to buy PPV's

Whoever said put Liddell on PPV and Lesnar on free TV, BE QUIET! Don't give the UFC idea's. I want to watch Shogun-Liddell on FREE tv cause it's going to be a war!

Plus with Lesnar you have thousands of WWE fans who will buy it so that's smart business. Uriah will beat Pulver badder then BJ did because he'll actually GNP on the ground rather then look for the sub like BJ. Uriah 1st RD TKO.

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