Lesnar results anyone??

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6/3/07 12:51:29AM
what happened
6/3/07 12:54:16AM
Brock Lesnar vs Min Soo Kim

Round 1
Lesnar bulls in and scores a powerful takedown. Lesnar is in half-guard. Lesnar moves to mount and punishes the South Korean's head. Kim taps quickly at the 1:09 mark. The right side of Kim's face is covered with lumps from the punches.
(Taken from Sherdog)
6/3/07 3:47:05AM
lesnar totally outclassed him. "the ne xt big thing" just might be
6/3/07 9:40:17AM
sweet... video link anyone?
6/3/07 9:42:09AM

Posted by deadcore

lesnar totally outclassed him. "the ne xt big thing" just might be

I'm not sure I'm ready to say that just yet...they had to throw him a can for this first match. The test will be against a veteran of the sport. Lesner did look pretty comfortable out there though. He has the wrestling ability, power, and speed (for his size). I did see some MMA training show through as well....but his next 2-3 matches will probably tell all.
6/3/07 11:51:30AM
Give him a can that isnt 2-5 next time that isnt gonna tap out cause he is mounted and gets half ass punched 2 times and loses his will to fight.
6/3/07 7:55:51PM

Posted by jdubs

sweet... video link anyone?

Short version
Lesnar vs. Min Soo-Kim

Long version
Lesnar vs.Min Soo Kim
6/3/07 8:16:20PM
thanks for the links
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