Lesnar vs Fedor odds released

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7/17/09 5:35:31AM
Bodog and Sports Book have just released odds for Lesnar vs Fedor.

Lesnar +190
Fedor -240

All wagers valid on Bodog if the fight takes place before Sunday, October 3, 2010. Interesting stuff.
7/17/09 6:03:34AM
NEVER make long term bets Just a heads up for those who don't use sports books often. They'll make the interest off your money and you'll still end up paying generally $50+ to cash out, whether the fight happens or not.

Anyways, odds are about as expected, I figured Lesnar would be around +200.
7/17/09 7:37:00AM
If it happens within 15 months. That doesn't leave a lot of room for opportunity
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