Legendary Referee “Big” John McCarthy Retiring

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12/6/07 12:05:35PM
The best known referee in mixed martial arts will step down after Saturday’s UFC card at the Palms Hotel.

“Big” John McCarthy, who has been a referee since UFC 2 in 1994, will work the main event of The Ultimate Fighter finale on Saturday between Roger Huerta and Clay Guida and then announce his retirement.

(MMAjunkie.com first mentioned the rumor yesterday afternoon. For that story and more background information on McCarthy, check out the MMAjunkie.com archives.)

McCarthy, 45, will take a job as an MMA analyst with The Fight Network.

12/6/07 12:22:38PM
It's a shame to see him retire, but at least he's not leaving the sport all together. I'm glad to see opportunities come his way because he deserves it.
12/6/07 12:33:12PM
Who will take his spot now?
12/6/07 12:43:05PM
Why the hell would he retire at this event and not wait to referee one of (if not both) the biggest fights of the years at UFC 79

Oh well

Wont feel the same without Big John, bit like if Buffer retired, but at least he is doing that analyst job
12/6/07 12:48:21PM
i think i want to cry.... no joke, it almost feels like my dad is running out on the family here.... atleast stick around for Wanderlei V Chuck... sigh... im going to go hop in a bathtub with a toaster now... well im making a bigger deal out of this than it really is im sure.... but thats how i feel
12/6/07 1:03:10PM
It will be sad to see him go. He is the best but it is awesome that he gets to stay in the fight business and will be an amazing commentator he has an expansive mma IQ and I will enjoy hearing his take on fights.
12/6/07 1:09:59PM
ahhhh man.....that sucks. He's genuinely going to be missed. That goes unsaid.

have you guys had a chance to see his gym down in souther cali (valencia i think) The place is HUGE and nice as all hell....and practically has a UFC museum inside.
He's got his hands full with that I suppose.
12/6/07 1:23:25PM
Bummer, but he deserves to enjoy the money that hes made. And I wouldnt be surprised to see him venture into promoting too.

On a side note, Im really getting sick of mma/ufc/whatever junkie claiming to break every single story. Its getting tired. Anyone can be right with rumors if they have zero buffer as to what is real and what isnt. Post every rumor that comes across, and then claim insider status when one is true.
12/6/07 1:51:34PM
"Are you ready?,Are you ready?....LETS GET IT ON!!"

Im gonna miss that

It was always Big John and everyone else when it came to refereeing....

I hope Dana White signs him a BIG FAT 'Thank you for everything' check at least to show his appretiation
12/6/07 4:00:38PM
i hope magliotta replaces him. or shimada!
12/6/07 5:26:30PM
Yamasaki gets full time now?

the guys from NJ did a good job, bring one of them.
12/6/07 6:27:58PM
I hope he does commentating for the ufc.
12/6/07 6:55:52PM
here's the little "cribs" type video on John's gym for those that haven't seen it.

12/6/07 7:16:23PM
I wish Big John, Randy Couture, and Bas Rutten could take over as judges! I know they wouldn't consider the last 2 cause Randy is fighting with the UFC and Bas is basically banned for being part of the IFL, but this is what the sport needs. Highly decorated, and respected individuals who have the experience in the cage to make educated decisions on who won the fight!!!
12/6/07 8:14:18PM
I'm going to miss you Big John. That is why I prepared this poem for you.

Big John.
Can't be gone.
Who else will say "Let's get it on!"

Big John.
Where will you go?
To some other lame fight show?

Big John.
Good Luck to you.
Now maybe The UFC will get a CLUE!

Written, and soon to be performed by, MailcE
12/6/07 8:31:13PM
this doesnt make me sad at all. im glad that he is moving on to bigger and more lucrative things, and he should do an excellent job with the commentary...
12/6/07 11:07:19PM
No one is even close to him. He is the only ref I am ever happy to see. ANd if you have been paying attention they have been putting a few new ref out lately. BAD NEWS for the sport. John will be down right missed.
12/7/07 12:10:41AM
they're not exactly new
12/7/07 10:40:02AM
Big John should take Goldy's spot as UFC commentator!! I hate listening to Goldy he ruins it for me.
5/6/08 10:00:16PM
put him in the hall of fame.
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