LeGarrette Blount strikes again!!!!

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8/19/10 10:51:50AM

I understand that, yes, these things do happen in training camp, but this guy is a repeat, repeat, repeat offender and in my oppinion is just trash
8/19/10 10:58:48AM
Though I won't disagree completely, I do think he's under a microscope right now. Had this been Random Player A, it would not have made the news nor should it.
8/19/10 11:12:25AM
i agree. if it was almost anyone else it would have gone unnoticed but when the cameras are rolling and you still try to act "thugish" its just a recipe for disaster.
8/19/10 11:24:29AM
IMO the guy has demonstrated that he's immature and a liability. That being said, everyone wants a running back who runs the football with a chip on his shoulder. A guy who is not afraid to create some contact and get in someone's face. I think Blount is one of these guys. I also think that this kind of thing happens in practice all the time regardless of who it is and that a lot of coaches like to see this kind of thing believe it or not. I tend to agree that this is being overblown by the media.

As for me? If I were an owner I wouldn't want him on my team because of a Michael Vick type situation where he's just a liability and has demonstrated poor decision making in the past, but I'm not an owner and I'm sure there are owners out there who don't mind.
8/19/10 1:03:49PM
ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? I was just seconds away from posting this with the same exact title hahaha. Wow what are the odds?
8/19/10 1:13:52PM
I hear SF needs a foe for Herschel Walker.
8/19/10 4:21:21PM
Well I will say that if his own teammates can get him that worked up what is he going to do when his team is down in points and he isn't able to get any thing going. Then you add the opposing players are in his face talking trash I don't see him lasting long. He has already showed us he cant control his temper and its just a matter of time till he blows up again.
8/19/10 5:31:10PM
I love Blount. This guys just continues to crack me up. Normally I abhor behavior like this, but Blount just takes it to a comical level.
8/19/10 5:54:37PM
sorry guys but this is pretty ho hum stuff for an nfl camp where a ton of young guys are present in droves and fighting(figuratively) to make rosters. i fail to see the big deal, he got his helmet ripped off on successive plays and threw a punch at a guy wearing a helmet. what he did last year was completely asinine and criminal, but this is playground **** here, who cares?
8/19/10 8:49:05PM
I can't believe this even get's a topic. It's NFL training camp. These things happen every single day. On Hard Knocks Rex Ryan even staged a fight to inspire Vernon Gholston. Regardless of LeGarrette Blount's history this was in training camp, during a very testy day. Jeff Fisher even said he has zero concern about the incident. I think it's ridiculous it gets media coverage.

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