Legacy, a documentary about Renzo Gracie.

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3/22/12 11:59:05PM
i watched the movie a few weeks ago. i'll be the first one to say that i am not a Gracie fan but after this movie i am definitely a Renzo fan now. the movie is pretty good, it has some good history about the sport of both BJJ and MMA. plus, Renzo is quite the character. i never considered Renzo to be a dominant MMA fighter but i do like his attitude especially after this movie and his no quit attitude. if you haven't seen it, i would definitely recommend it. hopefully this isn't a repost

3/23/12 12:14:34AM
Renzo is probably my favorite Gracie. He seems to have a completely different mentality than the rest.
3/23/12 12:27:42AM
i agree. there is a part where he is sitting with a bunch of other fighters before a tournament and they are all talking about how scared they were and that they just wanna get the fight over with and Renzo tells them that there isnt another place on earth he'd rather be.
3/23/12 11:54:37AM
Renzo is the man I love watching his old Pride fights.
3/24/12 11:09:51AM
He is funny as hell. Seems like he may be the craziest Gracie of them all.
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