lee vs sakara

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1/2/08 9:00:11PM
this fight has me .... puzzled..

Sakara has impressive hands and power...but it doesnt seem like he has made an adjustment to MMA and still fights like he's boxing....but he does have the "big show" experiance with like 5 UFC fights, compared to Lee's one PRIDE fight.

Lee is a finisher and is good on the ground....and has a good chin i would guess..(never been KO'd atleast)..... he hasnt fought the best of competition, and has lost to Lister and...Vernon White?..

I went with Lee by round 2 Sub..... but I dont know...its a tough call... what our your thoughts on this fight?

1/2/08 9:09:18PM
I see it just like you man.Tough to call though
1/2/08 10:59:37PM
I have sakara winning by 1st rd ko.
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