Lee Murray's Prison Escape Attempt Uncovered

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6/12/09 1:49:07PM
An attempt to escape Sale prison in Morocco by former MMA fighter Lee Murray was foiled by prison officials, according to the June 15 Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Small saws were found in a plate of biscuits in Murray's cell by another prisoner who broke into it. Prison officials believe Murray was planning to cut through the iron bars of his cell window with the saws. To make the escape through the small window easier, Murray had lost a significant amount of weight recently though training hard and starving himself.

Murray was in a different cell at the time as punishment for being caught with a laptop computer (with internet access) and five kilos of drugs. Other prisoners at Sale held it against Murray that he was able to use his money to smuggle in items like these, as well as expensive clothes. The fellow prisoner who broke into his cell was doing so to steal some of Murray's belongings.

The British Murray is believed to have been involved in the largest bank robbery in British history. He was apprehended in Morocco, where he has citizenship because his father was Moroccan. Because of legal complications stemming from his Moroccan citizenship and the country's lack of an expedition treaty with Britain, Murray remains in Moroccan custody.

6/12/09 2:27:47PM
Just another story to add to Murray's crazy life.
6/12/09 2:46:58PM
this has to be one of the craziest stories in MMA history.
6/12/09 4:15:44PM
they should make his life into a movie...
6/12/09 6:35:49PM
They are.
6/12/09 6:38:14PM

Posted by RhythmAndStyle

they should make his life into a movie...

The behavior he exhibits shouldn't be rewarded in my opinion, but damn it would be a good movie
6/12/09 6:53:33PM
make a a&e biography or a lifetime movie on this guy
6/12/09 7:13:38PM

Posted by prozacnation1978

make a a&e biography or a lifetime movie on this guy

The Lifetime channel taught me how to beat my wife and get away with it.
6/12/09 7:13:57PM
Sounds like the storys not over yet....
6/12/09 8:41:48PM
Lee Murray is a perfect example of "you can get the kid out of the streets but you can't get the street out of the kid."
The guy was obviously a good fighter. He had some promise.
He just couldn't keep away from a life of crime.
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