Leben Anticipates August Return, Possibly UFC 102

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3/26/09 6:32:09AM
Suspended UFC fighter-turned-CEO Chris Leben, running a new gym and fight team during a drug suspension that ends in late July, says a August return to the Octagon appears likely. No specific date set but UFC 102 in Portland, Leben's hometown, is a possibility.

3/26/09 8:36:55AM
I hope Leben comes back with a vengeance. It's always a pleasure to watch the kid fight.
3/26/09 9:35:21AM
Id like to see him fight Paul Harris for his comeback.
3/26/09 10:47:53AM
portland has to be a go for sure for leban
curious to see who he fights though
3/26/09 11:22:36AM
Rematch with Cote, if Cote is healthy by then.
3/26/09 12:23:16PM
For sure he should take on Cote.
3/26/09 1:53:36PM
I honestly can't wait to see Leben fight again. The guys a beast and will come back strong. It will be interesting to see who he fights, whoever it is there will be fireworks. I would like to see him fight either a Kang or L'Oiseau depending on how they perform at UFC 97.
3/26/09 4:11:46PM
Ed Heman/David Louiseau winner.
3/26/09 5:11:19PM
i am eager to see the crippler back in the octagon. A rematch with Cote would be great. but i bet they throw in a newcomer for a refresher.
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