LeBanner Free To Fight Wherever He Chooses

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3/8/07 8:45:16AM
source: mmauniverse.com

Date submitted: 08 March 2007
Submitted by: MMA Universe

Jerome Le Banner has renewed a contract with the K-1 organisation that will ensure he competes on the world’s most prominent Kickboxing circuit for another four years.

However, bending to Le Banner’s wishes of being able to try his hand in other fields, the new K-1 contract is non-exclusive. According to a Team Le Banner representative, the exclusive nature of his last contract “made our relationship difficult with K-1 in the past.”

This has opened up many new avenues, as Le Banner is not restricted to only fighting on K-1 and it’s MMA branch Hero’s. Le Banner will now be allowed to take MMA fights at Elite XC (where LeBanner likes the ground rules), Bodog who have reportedly been chasing him with a big cheque for a while and the UFC, where he would like to face the likes of Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic and Tim Sylvia.

However LeBanner is unlikely to get to fight in the UFC, as they demand an exclusive contract, something LeBanner is not willing to sign again any time soon.
3/8/07 9:06:07AM
Cheers, that's great news.

I'd obviously love to see him in the UFC but it doesn't sound like that will happen. I hope he joins Elite XC over Bodog if he does sign to either one.
3/8/07 11:37:44AM
He would be awesome to see in Bodog. i think Him vs Aleks would be a fricking awesome fight.
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