Leaving for Vegas tonight

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6/6/12 5:13:53PM
Going to the Electric Daisy Carnival, it's gonna be sick! Anybody know of any cool spots on the strip?
6/6/12 6:34:48PM
Caesar's Palace and The Venetian are my two favorites on the strip. Both have good clubs and restaurants. Both have the sky painted on their ceilings, which creates a cool/trippy effect the later/more intoxicated you get. I would recommend Casa Fuente in Caesars, its a cigar bar that carries some dank handmades. Also, I definitely recommend hitting up the sports book at Caesar's and putting some dough on the fights on Friday

Really you cant go wrong if you are in Vegas though! I'm having fear and loathing style flashbacks right now....
6/6/12 7:37:50PM
check out Celine Dion
6/7/12 2:26:19AM
My wife and I always see a magic show when we are in Vegas. If you have never seen a live magic show, I recommend it.
6/7/12 2:35:26AM
Make sure you slam somebody when they try to punk you!
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