Learn to Punch like Chuck Liddell....

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7/3/08 12:17:40AM
Im shure most have seen this before but......its good, some times I forget just how fast this dude is.Link
7/3/08 8:44:11AM
Sloppy technique like a mofo, but Chuck makes it work. He's got some serious power. I bet dude holding the focus pad was feeling those punches on his hand inside the pad.

I don't even think I can kick as hard as Chuck throws a sloppy hook haha
7/3/08 11:55:39AM
I remember hearing a quote that went something like, "Muhammed Ali cursed and entire generation of boxers with bad technique." What they meant was that he had very unorthodox (as in bad or sloppy) technique, but he had the physicaly ability and strategy to make it work. I think the same thing about Chuck Liddell...He's one of the most effective strikers in MMA history, but I think 99% of the people who tried to emulate his hands-at-the-hips stance and intentionally wide hooks are going to get beat to the punch and KOd.
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