League 2 Full Results: LFC 14/ROC 42/BAMMA 10/KSW 20/AFC 11 combo card

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9/15/12 6:40:15PM
Legacy FC 14: Pimenta vs. Rexroad

- Jeff Rexroad defeats Lucas Pimenta via submission (triangle choke), 3:17 rd2
- Josh Sampo defeats Antonio Banuelos via Unanimous Decision

Ring of Combat 42

- Ronald Stallings defeats Mike Massenzio via KO/TKO (knee to the body), 4:03 rd1
- Deividas Taurosevicius defeats Mike Santiago via submission (armbar), 3:50 rd2
- Jimmie Rivera defeats Joel Roberts via Unanimous Decision

KSW 20: Fighting Symphony

- Mariusz Pudzianowski defeats Christos Piliafas via KO/TKO (strikes), 3:48 rd1
- Jan Blachowicz defeats Houston Alexander via Unanimous Decision

Bamma 10: Sinclair vs. Winner

- Rob Sinclair defeats Andre Winner via Split Decision
- Curt Warburton defeats Lee Wieczorek via Unanimous Decision

Aggression FC 11: Takeover

- Joe Doerksen defeats Kalib Starnes via Unanimous Decision
9/15/12 6:45:24PM
Nice. Thanks Budge. Was just wondering about all the results.

Looks like I'm 6-3 right now. Hopefully Doerkson beats up on Starnes.
9/15/12 6:48:49PM
I had $100 each n Rexroad and Sampo (originally $1000 but I effing pussied out last minute!)

Plus $6000 on Sinclair

and $3500 on Doerksen
9/15/12 6:53:01PM
I wussed out to, and took Stallings out of my parlay. Oh well, had $500 on him, and Sinclair, although I picked Winner. Parlay of Jan and Warburton hit. Nice little payday, but from the sounds of it, a few people hit big.
9/15/12 7:33:11PM
Can't remember for I picked, but I think I got a few right.

Need Joe Dirt for parlay
9/16/12 12:05:39AM
I think I'm 6-3 w/ 62 points (I dont remember how I picked Warburton to win so I just gave myself 5 points) I knew I shoulda taken C4 by UD rather than TKO. Hoping Doerkson win via 2nd round sub

I know I lost $100 on my parlay because Massenzio sucks, but I put $225 on Sinclair
9/16/12 12:31:39AM
The Doerkson/Starnes fight is happening now. It's in the 2nd now. Here's the pbp.

185lbs- Joe Doerksen vs. Kalib Starnes
Starnes comes out to C is for Cookie by The Cookie Monster.

R1. Leg kick by Starnes and a harder one by Doerksen. Overhand right by Doerksen drops Starnes and Doerksen jumps on him. Doerksen in Starnes’ half guard. Doerksen stands up and the two stand. Overhand right again by Doerksen. Jab by Starnes lands. Overhand right again lands by Doerksen. Right hook then left lands. Doerksen’s overhand left smashes Starnes ear right behind his guard. Starnes to trip Doerksen down but Doerksen gets right back up and hits the overhand right. Leg kick by Doerksen. Doerksen leaves his feet twice looking for flying knee but does not throw it.

Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Doerksen

R2. Starnes throwing the left jab and going for the high kick but it sails wide. Doerksen with the leg kick, right hook. They trade leg kicks. Low kick by Doerksen caught by Starnes and he takes Doerksen down with it. Not for long as Doerksen reverses and gets on top in Starnes’ guard. Left shots by Doerksen score. Not much happening with Doerksen on top. Starnes gets off the bottom and the two are standing, smiling at each other. Big rights by Doerksen and a big right by Starnes. Doerksen has the upper hand on the feet so far. Hard leg kick buckles Starnes’ leg but Starnes lands a right and so does Dirte.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Doerksen

R3. Overhand right and head kick by Doerksen. Head kick missing and Doerksen moving well in the third. Starnes breathing heavy but lands a leg kick. Knee by Doerksen and the two are really fighting now. Starnes lands a hard right. Both throwing hard. Rights and lefts by Doerksen. Gutsy performance by Starnes who is giving good right now in the third and has not fought in over a year. Nothing boring about his style. Joe throwing and Starnes saying “I can take it.” Both fighters bleeding and putting on one hell of a performance. Doerksen cut under eye and Starnes hits him hard. Uppercut right by Doerksen and Starnes returns the favors. Both trading rights. Combos by Doerksen land but Starnes has him reeling. Doerksen realizes the tide is turning and goes for his first takedown. Palm strikes by Starnes from the bottom to Doerksen’s skull. Body-head-body by Doerksen in a great fight.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Starnes
Great performance by two great Canadian Middleweights!!!

Joe Doerksen defeats Kalib Starnes by Unanimous Decision (30-27×2, 29-28)
9/16/12 1:23:45AM
After a rough start I finished strong. 6-4 overall with 5 perfect fights and 73 pts.
Thanks again for the updates Budge.
9/17/12 9:57:07AM
woohoo #9
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