Lead singer of the band Boston dies

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3/10/07 9:01:36AM
3/10/07 2:17:39PM
Come on kids, don't any of you know who Boston was? Granted, they weren't on the level of Justin Timberlake, but still, you should know of them.
3/10/07 4:08:51PM
RIP Delp!
3/10/07 5:50:08PM
holy shit, i didnt hear about this. that ******* sucks. bostons first 2 albums are some of my all time favorites.
3/12/07 10:40:52PM
Serious bummer," more than a feeling " was just an episode of scrubs I was watching. Weird that I logged on right after I watched it . At last he didn't go out before he had made some great music.
3/13/07 3:25:32AM
Not a fan of Boston myself, but he was a really decent guy who shared his success. RIP. Richard Jeni recently died as well.
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