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12/19/08 4:23:25AM
I need someone that is/knows a DJ that can mix a song for me.....

The song i need mixed is "Bad Boys" (Cops theme by Inner Circle)

I need it for a fight entrance

I dont care what its mixed with either something with a good heavy beat or some hard rock.

I know it is a tall order if anyone can hook me up with something sick I would prop you till my fingers fall off!!!

Edit: I know there are a few electronic mixes on Youtube but they all blow...someone suggested mixing it with "Undead" by Hollywood Undead which would be pretty sick. Anyway I know I'm crazy for even asking. Its no hurry just something I was hoping someone could help me with.
12/20/08 12:31:54AM
Hey, My friend may be able to do it for you...

Send your E-mail to my Inbox and I'll get him to send it over if he can.
12/20/08 8:32:10AM
Hell yeah dude! I was thinking that no one cared about jakeiceman
Ha ha ok I will man. Tell him its no hurry, just whenever
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