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3/24/09 5:28:18PM
As the second Strikeforce event continues to come together, word out of Robbie Lawler's camp is he is set to face Jake Shields on what would be a June 6 event in St. Louis. Other sources close to the fight confirmed this, but Strikeforce officials did not.

3/24/09 6:42:26PM
What weight would this be at? Should be great fight.
3/24/09 6:47:19PM

The fight is Shields' first as a middleweight

From the link.
3/24/09 7:29:23PM
This'll be a great fight. Good luck to both fighters in training and weightcutting. (well, good luck to Lawler for the weightcutting. Good job to Shields for not cutting as much weight haha)
3/24/09 11:03:44PM
Lawler by tko.

STL is close but I dont think I will make the trip.
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