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9/16/07 12:12:21AM
rd 3 tko
9/16/07 12:37:33AM
great fight - i think mario yamasaki did a terrible job though he let that go for far too long u cant let a guy like robbie lawler keep dropping bombs on a fighter who was more or less KO'd and was no where close to intelligently defending himsef
9/16/07 12:55:39AM
ive seen a lot least rua was still concious,and meakly defending,plus most of the shots didnt look like they were landing flush.unlike lawlers last ko against frank trigg,were trigg was ko'd with a right hook,ate another left,was clearly out sitting in the corner and lawler battle cries and hits him with another right,just for the F of it.that was a ref slip.and a weak show of class by robbie.
9/16/07 6:06:45AM
dont cry
9/16/07 7:36:55AM
Who would've thought Lawler would ever out-smart his opponent!?!? Great performance.
9/16/07 9:20:50AM
Eff Yeah that fight was tight. Lawler just stalked him and stalked him and then dropped him
9/16/07 11:53:13AM
Yeah if the fight would have went longer Murilo would have won Lawler was almost out of gas
9/16/07 12:06:32PM
i thought it was the other way around i thought Murilo was tired
9/16/07 1:00:47PM
i didnt get to see the fight im happy he won, good for matts new gym
9/16/07 2:31:00PM
I don't care much for Lawler as a fighter, but I have to hand it to him he is doing very well and will be back in the UFC in no time. (if he wants to).
He may want to stay out of the UFC and WEC, I don't see him getting close to the Belts there.
9/16/07 7:19:44PM
I think Lawler and Nick Diaz both need to be back in the UFC.
Diaz would need to fight at 155 and I would love to see him fight Penn.
Robbie could fight at 170 or 185. With all the new fighters coming in, it's hard to say which he'd be better fit. WW division is stacked. Well, all div's are, but maybe he'd should fight at 185.
9/16/07 7:40:45PM
Nick should have lost that decision...
9/17/07 7:41:38AM
Im impressed with Lawler, but I wish Yamasaki should have reffed Tito/Chuck 2 like this instead of stopping it because of arm punches

but Great job by Robbie, He is still on of the most dangerous punchers today and I cant wait for him and shamrock to unite the Elite XC middleweight titles pending if Shamrock defends in Nov!!!
9/27/07 10:56:46AM
Lawler definatley had a great performance.
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