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11/23/08 2:07:07AM
Ok, awhile back at work me and a coworker were pulling pranks on each other trying to "one up" the other. After he put an " I love Gay Porn" bumper magnet on my car I was trying to think of something I could get him back with.

I looked throughout the internet and found a site that does exact replicas of state license plates, as they do these for the vehicles in movies and tv shows. I decided to purchase a replica of the NY state license plate saying "Cops R Gay" obviously I dont think that but I was going for something a bit extreme.

I work the overnight shift so the lack of people going in and out of the workplace would be at a minimum, and I had a ratchet set of tools so I could remove his license plate and put the prank one in its place on the back of his truck. Taking his plate off and putting the prank one on took like 2 min. tops very easy.

The only problem occuring is him seeing the plate when walking out at the end of the shift, and I covered this problem by walking with him talking and making sure he didnt really look at his truck. He drove away with a few people who were in on the prank laughing their asses off in the parking lot.

We returned to work 12 hours later and he still had yet to notice, although several people noticed when he came into work. When he was finally let in on the prank he had the biggest red face ive ever seen. All in all a good prank. He had told me he had even passed by a police station on his way to work.

So my question is if he was in fact pulled over, who would have been liable for the ticket, him because its his truck etc or me who was the one who did the prank? After a thought I just should have put the prank plate over top of his real one and screwed them both on.
11/23/08 2:34:42AM
How does the old saying harm no foul?

Awesome prank. I'd say you have successfully upped the ante.
11/23/08 5:00:24AM
i think he would be liable because its hes truck and his responsibility to check it before driving it

but then maybe he could take you to court for messing with his truck and pass the fine on to you (if he wasn't your friend and did not take the joke well)

but I'm just guessing i don't know the law
11/23/08 7:23:14AM
This reminds me of a bumper sticker I used to have; BAD COP NO DONUT
11/23/08 7:27:25AM
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11/23/08 8:01:40AM
I think it would depend on the cop. Your buddy would be liable, it's his truck. For example, a lic. light might burn out. The owner/driver may not be knowledgeable of it, but they are responsible for it. I'm sure the car registration will have his actual licence plate number on it, so provided you have a semi-understanding cop, he may just get off with a warning and told to change it back immediately.

Disclaimer - I am not knowledgeable in the law so I take no responsibility for you or your friend's actions henceforth.
11/23/08 8:09:56AM
Thats hilarious though!!
11/23/08 8:36:25AM
Pretty funny stuff...Makes me want to check the plates on my squad car even. BRB... ok, I'm safe.

Seriously, it' probably would have been safer to just put the plates over the top of your buddies existing plates. But no harm no foul. Had be heen stopped, he would have been responsible for the plates. Some officers probably wouldn't see the humor in all of that either. I personally think you one-upped him pretty good. Nice work.

Of course, given the whole gay cop thing, I'm def rooting for your buddy to get you back even worse. It's a matter of principle- nothing personal.
11/23/08 10:07:10AM
LMAO that is hilarious!!! I think it depends on the cop, but oh my god that is funny!!!
11/23/08 9:44:44PM
Thats pretty funny.I remember my brother when he worked at staples made these laminated bumper stickers in rainbow colors that said "Gay Men Car Club" I remember him putting one on my dads friends car he got really pissed.

My brother also signed his co-worker up on day he told the dude to google his own name and see what he gets..Number 1 hit was his name @ My bro had to call the website to get them to remove his name.

My worst experience was leaving work one day i walk out to car to see every window and mirror colored pink with window chalk..and had big pink penises on my back window..I had to drive thru town to the car wash with big pink dicks on my car.that friends got me good there.
11/24/08 9:08:50AM
I think he would be liable for the ticket since it is his truck, however I think you would have to man up and offer to pay the ticket.
11/24/08 9:30:01AM
i sold cars a little over 10 years ago and we used to take the temporary plates which were white plastic and flip them over and write things like "I LOVE COCK" or "HONK IF I LOOK GAY" on them and put them on the other salesmens cars. this went on for about 6 months with it getting so hard to get someone with the prank that we started writing things backwards and putting them on the front plates so people in front of their car would see it in the rear view mirror. one guy got pulled over twice with our writing on his plates, and got off both times without anything happening to him except a red face, but no one else got pinched, or at least no one admitted it. ah the good old days in the car biz......
11/24/08 10:07:19AM

Posted by stock

I think he would be liable for the ticket since it is his truck, however I think you would have to man up and offer to pay the ticket.

yeah I agree
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