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8/27/12 8:21:22PM

UFC on FOX 5's stacked card has added even more star power, with heavyweight power punchers Lavar "Big" Johnson and Brendan "The Hybrid" Schaub verbally agreeing to fight December 8 in Seattle, Washington.

Verbals are also in for two of the most exciting fighters in the welterweight division to meet as Matt "The Immortal" Brown takes on Mike "Quick" Swick at that event.

In addition, two lightweight bouts originally booked for the cancelled UFC 151 have been bumped to the Seattle date: Daron Cruickshank vs. Henry Martinez and Tim Means vs. Abel Trujillo.
8/27/12 8:22:52PM
good fights!
8/27/12 8:29:37PM
WOW !!!!!!!!! Can't wait for this card
8/27/12 8:41:22PM
Kpro when he reads this:

8/27/12 9:06:23PM
Love the Brown/Swick fight. When do tickets go on sale?!!? Lol can't wait for this.
8/27/12 9:19:44PM
This cards freaking stacked! I like to think of it as a make up to us all for UFC 149!
8/27/12 9:42:00PM

Can't wait for this.

Card gets better daily
8/27/12 10:02:54PM
Sweet lord this card will be good!
8/27/12 10:11:45PM
Sad that 151 was a Shit card and the free ones are stacked
Do they really think fans will buy watered down fight cards when the free ones are stacked
8/27/12 10:53:39PM
Swick for the QUICK turnaround!
8/27/12 11:02:51PM
Wow. What a card. Some exciting fights.
8/27/12 11:17:28PM
Brendan "Don't go into the Light" Schaub will be seeing stars again, if he decides to stand and trade with Lavar.

Swick/Brown should be a nice fight, both guys well rounded.

8/27/12 11:51:34PM
I think Lavar and Brown make it look pretty easy
8/27/12 11:53:21PM
Johnson is going to hurt Schaub. If he's smart he'll put Johnson on his back immediately. Otherwise I see a short night for him.
8/28/12 2:38:33AM
imo, i really dont know why there was hype behind Schaub in the first place was..Lavar will knock him out...
8/28/12 4:21:28AM
wow ! swick vs brown should be a war.

hopefully schaub can pull a win out, i think he has very good technical stand up skills and moves very well, but he just keeps getting caught. No guessing was lavar is going to try to do, hope schaub fights smart.
8/28/12 9:39:33AM
Both of these are great additions to an already great card. I can see both of these fights ending in knockouts should be an epic night of free fights