Why was Lauzon even on TUF 5

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8/20/08 5:06:01PM
He came in and knocked Jens Pulver out, and then he got put on the show.

Wouldn't knocking out a legend be good enough for an entry to the UFC, so why did he have to fight for the contract on TUF?
8/20/08 5:11:30PM
I think he was going to get a contract either way, but maybe opted for TUF just for the exposure to the casual fan
8/20/08 5:32:21PM
Was in general a really good move for his career to market himself on tv's number 1mma reality show
8/20/08 5:40:09PM
for a bigger contract and salary.
8/20/08 5:47:55PM
well look at it this way, did he win? it was a good opportunity to enhance his skills, and obviously he wasn't the best one on the show because he didn't win. i don't get why people still question the reason he was on the show when he didn't even win it. i would understand if Joe came out and dominated everybody, but the guy didn't even make it to the finals.
8/20/08 5:48:06PM
I would argue that the UFC wanted it. He was probably like welll, I gues I can do it, plus I can get a better contract.

Having a person in the cast who decisively kicked one of the coaches asses already made me want to watch.

Plus the UFC saw this nobady come in and show composure and talent above his years, so they wanted to market him. No Jon Fitch for him.
8/20/08 7:25:56PM
that season was stacked, and joe faired pretty well. he is a much more popular fighter for his time on that show than he would be if he didn't go on tuf, pulver win or not.
8/20/08 8:20:15PM
Why are you asking now? Why Did Mac get on the show?
8/20/08 8:52:53PM
Now that I think of it, Joe turned down the opportunity at first and wanted to give it to his brother but he wasn't old enough. Doesn't really answer the question, just an interesting piece of information.
8/20/08 9:10:57PM
Training with BJ Penn is an opportunity that I sure wouldn't pass up
8/20/08 9:26:26PM

Posted by bullettdodger

Training with BJ Penn is an opportunity that I sure wouldn't pass up

Exactly Lauzon wanted to be on the show. He asked and the UFC agreed. I would def. agree with the decision now seeing he's been training with BJ when he wants and now he's still very young. great move great exposure and especially with Jens being one of the coaches it just made the camera focus on him more.

I can see where your coming from dude but he def. needed to be on the show and the improvement he has shown is ridiculous can you imagine him in 5 years? It's scary.
8/21/08 10:29:29PM
He said in an interview that he was offered a 2nd ufc fight in November around thanksgiving but didnt accept it because he wanted to enjoy the eating holiday and not have to worry about making weight

So his choices were to either wait around for another fight offer to come or go with a sure thing and join TUF 5 which was being aired somewhere in january I think. I can't remember
8/21/08 11:33:27PM
I read in an interview that he had said for them to put his brother Dan on instead but they couldn't do it because there was alcohol in the house and he wasn't drinking age. So he went on instead.
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