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10/17/08 7:37:16PM
I see Bielkheden is -160. I was wondering if anyone has seen these guys fight? Bielkheden only is 12-6 and is a BJJ.. Lauidin is 12-10 thx
10/17/08 7:47:45PM
Bielkheden should win this fight. he actually beat Lauidin in ADCC by kimura. i think Bielkheden should be able to get it to the ground and get a sub in the 1st or 2nd.
10/17/08 8:08:55PM
i saw bielkheden fight in pride he was alright untill he lost
i have jess but i am thinking of changing it
10/17/08 8:34:08PM
I have Liaudin and i never really considered to switch.

10/17/08 8:59:19PM
Dave by TKO
10/17/08 10:16:54PM
I saw Dave vs McCarthy a while back on some website, he was able to escape mccarthy's submission and would end up finishing him later that round, oh I'm refering to "Chainsaw" Charles McCarthy.
10/18/08 1:03:55AM
I've got david taking this one.
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