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12/15/10 10:16:29PM
Sort of. Kevin Ferguson is indeed dead. But not THAT Kevin Ferguson-the one we know as Kimbo Slice is alive and well. Anyway...

If a mediocre backyard brawler-turned mixed martial artist dies, does anyone in the MMA media notice?

Apparently not.

It seemed that only the mainstream media outlets yesterday picked up on a story of the demise of Miami, Florida resident Kevin Ferguson -- which is the legal name of Kimbo Slice. Maybe it was because it wasn't Kevin "Kimbo Slice" Ferguson who had passed away, unless of course he had wifi access in the morgue.

The bearded bald-headed, Internet meme who is back in cahoots with Gary Shaw and is training for his boxing debut next year Tweeted the following at 1:00 am this morning:

Ferguson joins a growing list of fighters that includes Kimo Leopoldo and Badr Hari who have been reported dead by media sources in the past year-and-a-half.

I blame Jared Shaw for the failed publicity stunt.

But I can see how easy it would be to fool a lot of people just because the other guy had the same name. And yes, it seems CP was the only MMA site to report on this.
12/16/10 11:24:32AM
Kevin Ferguson is dead I mean does anyone actually called Kimbo Slice, Kevina Ferguson. He should just do what Chad OchoCino did and have his name legally changed.
12/16/10 4:24:35PM
I can see Kevin Ferguson being a common name.