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3/27/09 10:16:24PM
Bobby Lashley's next MMA fight, scheduled for April 25 at XFC Regional Conflict in Tennessee, is now set. Lashley will face Marcus Jones (4-2), a former NFL player taken in the first round by Tampa Bay in '96 who played 6 years in the NFL.

3/27/09 11:00:16PM
Marcus Jones fights out of Gracie Tampa and word is he is real good.
3/27/09 11:28:24PM
saw jones fight in tampa and he quickly took some chump down and tapped him with an americana.

big guy and should be a decent opponent for lashley. will be good cage experience for him.
3/28/09 9:24:45AM
I could possibly go to this!!!
3/29/09 8:29:29PM
Don't. Not happening now. Fight's off the card and, apparently, so is Lashley.

3/29/09 11:27:15PM
I think this is a good step in the right direction - Lashley isnt ready for a step up above guida IMO... let him get some cage experience, find out what he needs to work on before hes thrown in there with someone who really knows what they are doing.
3/30/09 11:31:36AM
I'll put it up in a bit but I found a statement from the head of XFC on this, which basically notes this whole thing was never more than a rumor.
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