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8/7/08 1:47:49AM

At this past weekend’s WEC event, Minnesota native Brock Larson made his case for getting a rematch with current promotion 170-pound champion Carlos Condit by scoring an impressive win.

In what was supposed to be a tough test against highly regarded Carlo Prater, Larson came out aggressively and put Prater down and out for the count in just 30 seconds.

“It went better than I assumed it would,” he admitted. “I thought it would be a little tougher than that.

“Prater’s the real deal, it just worked out that I caught him with the first shot that I threw and I followed up with many more.”

To be sure, it was the kind of win that Larson needed, especially after his last fight – against John Alessio in March – ended in controversy.

“That was my goal; to go out there and do it quick and make everyone open their eyes again and let them know that I’m back and that the last two fights were kind of flukes,” he said.

“I’m the real deal and I’m ready for Condit.”

According to Larson, the rematch of his title fight with Condit from August of last year appears to be what’s on the horizon next, as long as a deal can be worked out between everyone involved.

“I’m ready for it, so it’s just a matter of getting (Condit) to agree, but (the WEC) definitely wants it to happen,” he commented. “It’s up to Condit’s camp to figure out what it wants.”

Normally Larson would look to stay active, but he explains that he’s not willing to put his title shot on the line should it take longer for a fight with Condit to get worked out and scheduled.

“I’d like to fight as often as possible, but the way it’s looking, this is the fight I want to wait for,” he said. “I don’t want to risk anything like I did before fighting Condit the first time.

“I was supposed to fight him when I fought Kevin Knabjan two months before, and I think I peaked too early for that. It’s hard to peak twice in two months, so if it comes out that way, that’s the way I’m going to have to take it.”

When the rematch does take place, Larson feels that it will be a much different fight the second time around.

“My confidence level is as high as it can be,” he exclaimed. “I’ve always been really confident in my ground game, but now with my hands I’ve been doing a lot of sparring, and I’m confident everywhere now.

“I don’t feel like I have a huge hole anywhere. It’s going to take a pretty tough dude to bury me. I think that right now I’m doing the best that I’ve ever done and I’m ready for it.”

With a three-fight winning streak in tow and only two losses in 26 fights, it would be hard to imagine anyone in the WEC other than Brock Larson getting a title shot against Carlos Condit any time soon.

“I want to thank Warrior Wear and Bowtech for taking care of me,” he closed out. “Everybody out there, fans of mine, I appreciate the support.

“Keep watching and you’re going to see more explosiveness from me and that belt around my waist.”
8/7/08 9:26:00AM
larson is a tough test for condit and i think he may be able to take this one. that said carlos continues to improve and is winning me over as well. i picked brock in the last fight and if carlos is a much of a favorite i would probably bet him again.
8/7/08 10:30:33AM
Miura had more game than I expected, but I still think Larson is Condit's toughest (and perhaps only) competition right now.
8/7/08 12:55:20PM
well hopefully the second fight will be a war, instead of the fight ending quick.
8/7/08 1:12:35PM
I bet it will be....Larson is the kind of guy that learns quick. I think he underestimated Condit's sub abilities last time and will come in more prepared defensively this time. He will still have a problem with Condit's stand up though, the guy has too much range and speed on him. Should be a real good rematch.
8/7/08 1:32:56PM
i think larson will take it if they fight again.
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