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4/16/09 10:02:29AM
UFC 98 is now again officially complete with the official announcement that Brock Larson will replace the injured Josh Koscheck and face Chris Wilson. As a result of this change, the Larson-Wilson fight has been dropped from PPV to prelim, with James Irvin vs. Drew McFedries promoted to PPV as the replacement.

4/16/09 10:13:54AM
i am not surprised that would have been my choice but seeing two guys who lost there last fight and drew who has lost like 3 of 4 fights on a main card just tells you that there just isn't any quality prelims on this card like say canada card
4/16/09 10:38:43AM
Shoulda just kept Larson- Wilson on the main card
4/16/09 2:03:49PM
it makes sense for the casual fan. Id rather see wilson/larson (should be a fight all over the octagon), but irving and drew always fights, and more than likley will just bang in the center of the cage, and never hit the has KO written all over it
4/16/09 2:58:18PM
Makes sense, as McFedries vs Irvin should be one of those slugfests that the UFC likes to kick the main card off with. In all likelihood this fight won't last long, so in the end the only difference I see is that we won't see Larson vs Wilson till later on in the night.
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