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7/19/07 7:07:57PM
Ive noticed in the secondairy league that a most people are picking Larson to beat Condit, but i think Condit will Sub him in the early rounds much like his fight with Trigg, Larson was looked very impressive lately but i dont think hes fought guys the caliber of Carlos.

What are your thoughts on the fight?
7/19/07 7:43:42PM
I've got Larson winning, he's stronger and faster. I think he'll just be too much for Condit.
7/19/07 10:18:32PM
This should be a pretty good fight. Both are good fighters and they pretty much always finish fights. However, despite this fact I have Larson winning via UD.

I am actually a Condit fan, but I agree that Brock will be to much for him. While in no way trying to downplay Carlos' skills, I believe Larson is the stronger, more explosive, fighter. I see him controlling the pace and where the fight goes. And for some reason I just don't see either one of these guys being able to finish the other.

That being said, Condits only decision loss has come from a guy(Jake Shields) who has the same strengths(wrestling & Jiu-Jitsu) as Brock. While I realize that these guys aren't the same fighter, I do believe that a good percentage of the time that styles make fights. Coupling that with the facts that Brock has never been finished before and he has looked absolutely unstoppable as of late, I feel he's the safe pick.

7/27/07 2:58:26AM
I have Larson by SUBMISSION

7/27/07 6:34:17AM
Five rounds is a long time and I don't think Larson can finish Condit so if someone is getting the W without a decision it's Condit. I currently have Larson winning by decision though....
7/27/07 10:27:45AM
I got Condit by sub

I really like this matchup though
7/27/07 11:05:20AM
I'm leaning towards Larson, but I haven't seen much of either of these guys. Still, Larson's only loss was a Decision to Jon Fitch.
7/27/07 6:53:36PM
larson by t.k.o
7/28/07 12:46:41AM
I'm actually starting to change my mind. Remember Larsons fight with Keita Nakamura? Larson gassed badly and K-Taro got robbed big time IMO. That was a 3 round fight and this is an even longer fight. I think Larson will dominate the first two rounds with ground and pound. In the third he'll start to tire and Condit will start to take over the fight with good sprawls and accurate stand-up.

Condit might get the submission in the 4th or 5th but I think it goes to decision which he should take after dominating the last 2 rounds and winning the 3rd round pretty convincingly.
7/28/07 11:50:51AM
I got Condit by sub, the guy has some of the sickest off his back GnP and really good subs. Really impressed me with the Trigg and Shields fight.
7/28/07 1:27:53PM

Posted by pv3Hpv3p

I got Condit by sub

I really like this matchup though

Same. I dont know how everyone is underestimating Carlos.
IMO Condit is pretty close to Top 10.
7/28/07 5:57:51PM
I have Condit winning by submission in the 4th or 5th rounds, after Larson tires a bit. His knees are also a huge weapon for him and I think if he lands some good knees to the body it could take quite a bit out of Larson.
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