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7/21/09 4:11:08PM
I was talking to my buddy about this a minute ago , as he was reading about it on another site, and thought it would make a good topic for discussion. Anyway,here's the of the top of my the head thoughts on who actually weighs the most at each weigh class come fight time.

Heavy- Lesnar- he's the only UFC guy i know who still cuts weight to make 265

LHVY- Forrest & Jon Jones - Forrest gets up to 230 when not training for a fight, and he still trains pretty regularly even when he's not in training for a specific fight. Also has admitted the weight cut is so hard on him that he is mean the days before a fight
Jones just looks like a freak of nature in the ring. Looked much Bigger than Bonnar, and tossed him around, who would be in the top 5 biggest LHVY's I can think of.

Middleweight- Anderson & Franklin- I read an interview where Anderson admitted he gets up to 213 when not in training for a specific fight. Franklin has said he get sup to 2i5 in the same conditions.

Welterweight- Thiago Alves & Anthony Johnson. I think some of the Alves claims are overblown , and that its scientifically impossible to legally go from 170 to 200 lbs in a day when your water is put back in. However, I would be wiling to believe he gets up to 190-193 by fight time. When I was personal trainer I worked with a kinesiologist ( who was former wrestler) and he said you can't legally your more than 13% of your body's water back in 24 hours, and fight anywhere near to 100%.
Jhonson- More than anyone in mma, even Alves , I am shocked that his guy keeps making weight. Is 6 "2" , schredded, and not remotely thin. Maybe he has thin bones or something, but he looks like a good sized middleweight in the ring to me.

Lightweight- Gray Maynard- Edgar is a small lightweight to me, but the way Maynard towered over and "bullied" him was a bit shocking to me. Maynard has claimed to be up to 180 when not in specific training for a fight. I would guess he is about 172-175 in the ring on fight night

Who else am I missing?
7/21/09 4:41:00PM
Goran Reljic is 6'3'' 225 naturally and he fought at 185.
Sean Sherk is 5'6'' 180 naturally, i think.
7/21/09 4:50:23PM

Posted by Hendo67

Goran Reljic is 6'3'' 225 naturally and he fought at 185.
Sean Sherk is 5'6'' 180 naturally, i think.

I didn't know that about reljic, and Sherk said he weighed 170 when not training for a specific fight on the radio. He said he made that decision to get not carry so much mass when he moved down to 155, but that he wieghed 180 when he fought at 170.
7/21/09 4:52:24PM
I think Carwin cuts to make 265
7/21/09 4:57:41PM
Gleison Tibau is absolutely gigantic at LW. I think i've read an interview where he claims to be over 180 at fight time. Not sure if that's possible, but......

Edit: Here are a couple links....The first one is to the actual interview which is in Portugese, and the second is to a thread where someone translated the part about being over 180 at fight time.

7/21/09 5:00:58PM
His hands are even bigger than Lesnars, but Carwin weighed 259 for the Gonzaga fight, and 264 for the wain fight, and 252 for the Wellisch fight. So why it safe to say he is one of the bigger HVY"S in the ufc , if not # 2, it looks like he only might have to cut once in the UFC. Still your right, he's huge, and but I still think Lesnar is the biggest.
7/21/09 5:49:42PM
anderson said he got up to 230 before the cote fight

and i think forest gets up to 245
7/21/09 6:13:46PM
bj is pretty big at 155

i just listened to a carwin interview where he said he walks around at 280
7/21/09 6:20:37PM
off the top of my mind

Ben Saunders is a pretty big WW
and Big Timbo Silvia I think had to cut to 265 plus he weighted in 320 or something for his last boxing massacre
7/21/09 7:25:08PM
Mike Brown is pretty damn big for 145.

Gleison Tibau is HUUUUUUGE for 155.

Krysztof Soszynski, Ryan Bader, and Kyle Kingsbury were all big 205'ers on TUF 8.

Ben Saunders looks like a pretty big 170 lb'er

That's all I've got for right now. Generally I would look at your wrestling type guys for big dudes. I am friends with a pretty high level pro guy that walks around at 180-190 but fights at 155. That's not HUGE, but it is always scary when you're 165 lbs. cutting down to 155 and you know coming up through the ranks the dudes are going to keep getting bigger and bigger. From my experience in dealing with high level pros it seems that most of them cut at least 20 lbs. and generally the guys who are considered "strong" for their division are cutting at least 30. These guys obviously have a lot of muscle mass, though.. so their body retains a lot of water which makes it easier to cut that kind of weight.

7/21/09 7:36:54PM
WOW I was just talking to another trainer at the gym about this today.

Weight cutting is different for everyone and I have been around it for years now from my time in wrestling to being a trainer. I have never seen anyone put on the amount of weight some of these guys claim in one day.

Now as far as Size goes here are mine.

HW - Lesnar
He is huge and one of the few HWs that has to cut and maybe the only one in the UFC.

LHW - Forrest is a huge LHW I would also put Randy and Rampage on this list. All 3 are very large LHWs.

MW - Anderson and Franklin are both huge MW and could easily fight at LHW.

WW - Thiago is one of if not the biggest WW but its clear he needs to go up in weight or drop some muscle. I think its to the point that its clear that its very unhealthy for him. Now GSP is also a very large WW but he makes sure he is healthy when cutting and isn't at risk when he cuts. There is a reason Thiago has had missed weight so many times and has been caught using drugs to aid in weight cutting. Fitch is also another one that huge for WW but he has years of wrestling to understand how to stay healthy and make the cut.

LW - Tibau is huge for LW but I think he is in the same boat as Thiago is. I also think that Sanchez is big for LW and I think he maybe to big for this weight class but only time will tell.

7/21/09 7:45:07PM
Isn't Brock Larson a pretty big WW?
7/21/09 7:45:24PM
I was going to mention Sanchez, but you know people are probably going to mention how skinny he looks at 155. To me, that is just a sign of how far he drains himself in order to compete at that weight class. I honestly believe it is unhealthy for him to fight at 155. Same with Thiago Alves and Gleison Tibau. Although Gleison seems to be doing better at it lately.

7/21/09 8:26:05PM
Rampage looks pretty big for a 205er
7/21/09 9:32:18PM
off the top of my head

heavy lesnar and carwin
light heavy forrest, tito was when he was in the ufc
middle go with franklin, bisping
welter alves, gsp, aj,
light tibau is big, sherk is a little spark plug, maynard
7/22/09 3:20:36AM
i recently read that Tamdan McCrory has bulked up a lot and walks around at 205 and cuts to 170. he's also 6'4. his strength and conditioning trainer said he expects him to end up at light heavyweight in a few years.
7/22/09 5:46:57PM
What, there are a bunch of dudes named Largets in different weight classes in the UFC???
7/22/09 10:09:06PM
def kenny florian
7/23/09 1:29:54AM

Posted by bigbubbano23

def kenny florian

Is that a joke?

Seriously, though.. Kenny has gone on record saying he doesn't cut much weight at all before fights because he wants to maintain his longevity and general health.
7/23/09 8:33:11PM
I know his next fight's at LHW, but Mousasi is a huge MW when he wants to be...

Gotta agree with Tito, in his prime he was a monstorous 205 as was Randleman (although obviously not as tall)

Carlos Condit is really big for WW as well

Jason McDonald is a large MW as well... As is Lutter
7/23/09 11:09:23PM
Goran Reljic never fought at 185, he fought Gouveia at 205. He was supposed to have an upcoming bout at 185 before the injury, but I doubt he could have made 185.

HW- Lesnar

Really there's no one even close to his size.

LHW- Forrest, Krystoff,

I think both guys walk around at about 230-240. Definetely the biggest guys in the weight class. Quinton Jackson may be up there as well, although recently he has looked a little slimmer.

MW- Anderson Silva, Yushin Okami

No doubt he's the biggest guy. He always looks like a decent sized LHW. When Rich was around he may have even been slightly bigger. I'm not sure how much Yushin cuts, and I know he was a WW at one time--but damn he always looks huge.

WW- Alves, Anthony Johnson

Everyone knows this guy cuts a ridiculousl amount of weight, but I think AJ looks even bigger--maybe it's because he's so tall.

LW- Tibau

Gleison supposedly cuts from near the 200lb level. I'm not sure how the hell he does it.
7/24/09 8:18:59PM
maybe i was.
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